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Title:Mitochondria - The Key To Disease and Mental Health with Dr. Martin Picard

Emerging evidence suggests mitochondrial dysfunction can cause or contribute to many psychiatric and neurologic disorders. To promote metabolic and mental health, it’s crucial to better understand mitochondria and what we can do to keep them healthy. As Dr. Martin Picard explains, mitochondria are small components of cells that are involved in just about every disease process, and by extension, in every aspect of promoting health. Since mitochondria are where we transform food energy into energy our bodies use, it makes sense why they are so important for health and longevity. Dr. Picard from Columbia University is one of the most prominent mitochondrial researchers, and he joins us to discuss all things mitochondria-related – from the basics of what mitochondria are and how they function, to the three most important things we can do to keep our mitochondria healthy. Expert featured in this video Martin Picard, PhD Twitter @MitoPsychoBio 0:00 Introduction to Dr. Martin Picard 3:16 What Are Mitochondria and Where Are They? 9:04 Ecosystem of Mitochondria 10:25 Mitochondria and Disease 16:38 Genetics and Mitochondria 19:18 Lifestyle Choices for Poor Mitochondrial Health 22:08 Impact of Psychological States on Mitochondria 25:55 Medications and Mitochondrial Dysfunction 32:12 How to Improve Mitochondrial Function 52:29 Conclusion Link to Dr. Picard's talk from the inaugural Metabolic Psychiatry Conference in 2022 The Human Psychobiology Project Follow our channel for more information and education from Bret Scher, MD, FACC, including interviews with leading experts in Metabolic Psychiatry. Learn more about metabolic psychiatry and find helpful resources at About us: Metabolic Mind™ is a nonprofit initiative incubated by Baszucki Group. Our mission is to provide education and resources in the emerging field of metabolic psychiatry, including ketogenic interventions for mental disorders. Our channel is for informational purposes only. We are not providing individual or group medical or healthcare advice nor establishing a provider-patient relationship. Many of the interventions we discuss can have dramatic or potentially dangerous effects if done without proper supervision. Consult your healthcare provider before changing your lifestyle or medications. #MetabolicMind #KetoForMentalHealth #MetabolicPsychiatry #BipolarTreatment #MetabolicNeuroscience #KetogenicMetabolicTherapy #NutritionalKetosis #MentalIllness #MentalHealthIsMetabolicHealth #Mitochondria


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