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Title:Top 10 SWISS Villages 2022 – Most beautiful Towns in SWITZERLAND – Best Places [Travel Guide]

Switzerland charms with the amazing Alps but… also with its many wonderful VILLAGES. Switzerland has been attracting so many tourists from all over the world, who seek to go for hiking, climbing mountains, refueling themselves at the many lakes and for many other reasons. A major reason, why many tourists come to Switzerland have always been the many well preserved villages. Despite the small size of Switzerland, this country is full of such villages… but even more fascinating is the diversity among them! In this video, the Top 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL Villages of Switzerland for the Year 2022 will be presented in detail. While you may be familiar with some villages on this list, I am sure, there will be many villages you might never have heard of. This is likely the most detailed travel guide video about Swiss villages here on YouTube! Visit Romainmôtier in the Jura Vaudois; a wonderful historic village. Romainmôtier is hosting a beautiful abbey with the oldest romanesque church of Switzerland. Explore the nearby attractions around Romainmôtier: cascade de nozon, caves at Vallorbe or de Tine de Conflens. Very enjoyable is also Diessenhofen. It's the non-touristy alternative to the more known village of Stein am Rhein. Diessenhofen is located at the shore of the river Rhine. A wonderful Swiss village with a beautiful wooden bridge and great vibes. BAUEN is the hidden gem Swiss village on this list! It's located at Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) and charms with its warm climate. Bauen is full of palm trees and beautiful houses. Bauen is furthermore the home town of the composer of the Swiss national anthem. Visit La Neuveville in the canton of Berne in the Jura 3 lakes region. It's an old town with many beautiful houses. In La Neuveville, you may experience medieval vibes. SCHWELLBRUNN in Appenzell is a very cultural place. It was awarded the most beautiful village of Switzerland in 2017. Schwellbrunn is great to visit during Winter and Summer. In September, they host a cow show, a typical Swiss tradition. Do not forget to visit Schwellbrunn on 31st of December: During the early morning there will be Silvesterklausen. Foroglio is a small Swiss village in Ticino. Foroglio is very attractive with its large waterfall and the many traditional stone houses. Visit Foroglio when you come to the Val Bavona and also proceed to Sonlerto; the non-touristy alternative. Both traditional villages are stunning to visit! Soglio is another village that is less-visited. It’s located in Eastern Switzerland, in the Italian speaking part of Graubünden. Soglio is a very calm and quiet village at where you may enjoy many great views over the Swiss Alps as well as hiking trails. Grimentz, my favorite Swiss village is what I consider the perfectly stereotypically Swiss village you could visit! Grimentz is full of traditional wooden houses that are all decorated with beautiful flowers. There is a very nice creek passing through the village, a great photo spot. Grimentz is a must visit for anyone who loves to visit villages! MORCOTE has been awarded as the Top most beautiful village of Switzerland in 2016. It’s located in Ticino at Lake Lugano. Morcote is built at a hill; enjoy the promenade along the lake or hiking up to the church or even higher. The view down to the village of Morcote is stunning. A great place to not miss out! ISELTWALD is the most beautiful Swiss Village on this Top 10 list. The village is located in the Berner Oberland at Lake Brienz. Iseltwald is full of beautiful houses concentrating around the bay. Walk along the promenade or pier or enjoy the castle of Iseltwald. Iseltwald is great to reach by boat from Interlaken or Brienz. Stay at Iseltwald to enjoy serenity and experience one of the most authentic Swiss villages! Watch the FULL Video in 4K! Follow me on Social Media: THANK YOU to “Jura 3 Lacs” for SPONSORING this video! More information about the tourism (no paid content): Individual Videos about the Villages: 1. Iseltwald: 2. Morcote: 3. Grimentz: More information about the local tourism: Grimentz: Foroglio: Soglio: Bauen (UR): Special thanks to: Julia, Doreen, Razi, Oliver, Dominika, Sam & Alvira and Laura for support and guest appearance Music by Epidemic Sound Equipment: Sony α6500, GoPro Hero 8 Black, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic Air, DJI Ronin RS 2, ZhiYun Weebill 3 Lab 0:00 Intro 1:13 Top 10-6 12:24 Top 5-4 17:25 Top 3-1


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