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Title:Here’s what battles REALLY looked like | Modeling Roman Combat

Try out Masterworks and skip their waitlist: This video is a first of its kind that focuses on creating an accurate visual battle model of ancient armies, to answer the question of "what did Roman battles look like? and Myth-bust Roman Battles some popular misconceptions. The video dives in to the whole battle process, from forming up for battle to individual emotions, movement, spacing of ranks, charges, and all factors that affect morale, which is the driving force of victory! Primary Sources -Polyb. 15. 12-13. -Polyb. 11. 20-22. -Caes. BCiv. 3. 91-92. -Caes. BGall. 1. 25. -Plut. Ant. 39. 4. -Sall. Cat. 60.1. -Tac. Ann. 14. 35. Secondary Sources -Armstrong, J. & Fronda, M. P. Romans at War: Soldiers, Citizens, and Society in the Roman Republic. Routledge: London and New York. 2020. -Cowan, R. “The Clashing of Weapons and Silent Advances in Roman Battles” in Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte, Bd. 56, 1, 2007, 114-117. -Chrissanthos, S. G. “Freedom of Speech and the Roman Republican Army” in Sluiter, I. & Rosen, R. M. Free Speech in Classical Antiquity, Brill: Leiden & Boston. 2004, 341-368. -Daly, G. Cannae: The Experience of Battle in the Second Punic War: Routledge: London & New York. 2002. -Koon, S. Infantry Combat in Livy’s Battle Narratives.BAR International Series 2071, BAR:Oxford, 2010. -Lendon, J. E. Soldiers & Ghosts: A History of Battle in Classical Antiquity. Yale University Press: New Haven. 2005. -Melchior, A. “Caesar in Vietnam: Did Roman Soldiers Suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?” in Greece & Rome, V. 58. 2, October 2011, 209 - 223. -Sabin, P. “Battle” in Sabin, P; Van Wees, H; Whitby, M: The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare Volume 1, Greece, The Hellenistic World and the Rise of Rome, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2008. 399-433. -Sabin, P. “The Mechanics of Battle in the Second Punic War”, in Cornell, T; Rankov, B; Sabin, P. (eds.) The Second Punic War: A Reappraisal, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, Sup. 67, 60-79. -Sabin, P. “The Roman Face of Battle” in The Journal of Roman Studies, Vol. 90, 2000, 1-17. -Campillo-Rubio, X; Valdés Matías, P; Ble, E. “Centurions in the Roman Legion: Computer Simulation and Complex Systems” in Journal of Interdisciplinary History, V. 46, 2, 2015, 245-266. -Zhmodikov, A. “Roman Republican Heavy Infantrymen in Battle (IV-II Centuries B.C.)” in Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte, Bd. 49, 1, 2000, 67-78. Masterworks Disclaimer:


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