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Title:现实版的天空之城,此生必爬的一座山,中国贵州的梵净山|The real-life version of the City in the Sky, Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou

Can you imagine that the legendary city in the sky is real? This is not just an imagination, but a real and shocking existence in Guizhou. It is the Red Cloud Golden Summit of Fanjing Mountain. It stands on the top of the mountains. When you climb this golden summit, you will be shocked by the scene in front of you. There are endless mountains around it, and there is a deep abyss under your feet. It is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round. Standing on the top, it seems to be in a fairyland. People can't help but sigh: It turns out that the city in the sky really exists! However, the charm of Fanjing Mountain is far more than that. In addition to the shocking Red Cloud Golden Summit, there are also the famous Mushroom Stone and the majestic and magnificent Old Golden Summit. Now, follow our camera and enjoy this magical natural scenery Itinerary record table 00:00 Fanjing Mountain, the city in the sky 01:08 Take the sightseeing bus 07:20 Take the cable car 09:31 Start climbing the mountain 14:57 Arrive at the top of the mountain 15:18 Go to Mushroom Rock 16:06 Go to Laojinding 21:39 Arrive at Laojinding 24:47 Go down the mountain from Laojinding 27:00 Hongyunjinding 28:57 Start climbing Hongyunjinding 32:36 Arrive at Hongyunjinding 35:39 End of aerial photography Hello everyone, this is Qingyunji Xiaoxue's official YouTube channel We hope to use this platform to show you the green mountains and waters, humanities and traditional customs we see~ If you like it, please click to subscribe! Strange News and Beautiful Scenery: Humanities and Customs: Natural Scenery: Travel Footprints: #旅游#贵州 #奇景 We emphasize the professionalism and safety of video content to ensure that viewers receive reliable information


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