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Title:people are river bathing in the Ganges on holy occasion

Welcome friends to the video of - people are river bathing in the Ganges on holy occasion In Indian Hindu religion or Hinduism the river Ganges is considered as a sacred and personified as goddess (Ganga), She is being worshiped by the people they believe that holy river bathing decrease the sins and simplify sins. from born to the end of life, in every ritualism people need the Ganges River or Ganges water because the water of the Ganges considered very sacred and pure as if the Hindu people are very needy near this pabitra nadi, pilgrims and devotee people those who worship, practice religious rituals and attend religious festival they must dips (kuliyal) in the Ganges water to immerse their kin it says that in this way people can get Moksha Based on this belief, hundreds of thousands of people bathing in the Ganges before the religious festivals this is call punya snan, on every month people bath on sankranti, and you are watching chaitra sankrantis video, there are thousands of ghat all over India and it is one of them you are watching this nice video of nahana Hello Friend I am thanking you for visiting Holy horizon channel and its video I would like to appreciate your presence Thank you Please… Like Share comment & Subscribe


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