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Title:12 बातों से जाने भारत के विजयनगर साम्राज्य की ताकत | Vijayanagara Empire | History of Hampi |

12 बातों से जाने भारत के विजयनगर साम्राज्य की ताकत | Vijayanagara Empire | History of Hampi | To know the culture of a country, first it is necessary to know its history, from time to time many empires originated in India. With the passage of time, many empires made their place in the pages of history. One such kingdom of South India is Vijayanagara. Vijayanagara means city of victory. Today it is identified with a ruin called Hampi, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Looking at the temples and ruins of Hampi, it is known that there was really no one equal to him at that time. Today we will tell you 12 such things about Vijayanagara Empire. Listening to which you will feel proud of the glorious history of India. "Mystery " चैनल आपके लिए अच्छे नॉलेज के रहस्य वाले वीडियो बनाने की कोशिश करता है।हम आपके लिए सभी प्रकार के फैक्ट्स,नॉलेज ,हिस्ट्री ,ब्रम्हांड और भी बहुत कुछ प्रकार के वीडियो बनाते है | अगर आपको हमारे वीडियो पसंद आते हैं, तो कृपया LIKE बटन को हिट करना न भूलें। hampi,hampi tourist places,hampi tourism,hampi temple,hampi tour,hampi vlog,hampi travel guide,hampi ruins,hampi india,hampi travel,hampi karnataka,hampi itinerary,hampi temples,hampi road trip,hampi travel vlog,hampi guide,things to do in hampi,hampi places to visit,vijaynagar,vijayanagar empire,vijaynagar samrajya history,vijaynagar beach,vijayanagara empire history,vijayanagar,vijaynagar samrajya,vijayanagara,vijaynagar empire upsc,polo forest vijaynagar,vijaynagar empire in hindi,vijaynagar arunachal pradesh,miao vijaynagar,vijaynagar empire,miao to vijaynagar,vijaynagar kingdom,vijaynagar samrajy,vijaynagar in hindi,


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