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Title:VICTORIAN AMBIENCE: Victorian London Thunderstorm (Horses, Bells, Walking on Cobblestone)

A million thank-yous to the kind and incredibly talented Florent Tunno for giving me permission to use his beautiful artwork for this Victorian ambience! Check out his work here: I hope you brought your umbrellas, folks! I wanted to do a sort of remake of my last Victorian era street ambience and fix some of the mistakes in that one (like the crickets, which made no sense in that scene, and the rain sound, which could have been richer). I got rid of the fireflies, too, and kept the animations super simple to give that barren, desolate feel. I also added dry, rolling thunder to this ambience, as it was requested a number of times! So strap yourselves into the time machine, because this week we're once again heading back to the Victorian era, to a rainy and abandoned street, in the midst of a thunderstorm. Some sounds you'll hear in this Victorian London ambience are: Thunderstorm sounds, horses, bells, people talking in the distance, people walking on cobblestone and through puddles, and more. I hope you enjoy! 👑 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🍁 Autumn Cozy supports the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, which puts 100% of its donations toward awarding scientific research grants for the study of mental health. Please consider learning more about them here: If you liked this cozy Victorian ambiance, you might also like this one: 💌 Come say hello! Instagram: Tumblr: Twitter: (The graphic and audio material on the Autumn Cozy channel were either created by the channel owner or have the appropriate permission and/or license for use.)


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