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Title:Colombie : les pilotes fous de l'Amazonie | Les routes de l'impossible

In Colombia, pilots risk their lives to connect Indian communities scattered across the Amazon rainforest. Aboard DC-3s, old propeller planes built before the war, these pilots regularly take an air route considered to be one of the most dangerous on the planet. These planes are the only ones in the world that can land on very short dirt runways, which often end in a ravine. Commander Raúl and his crew travel to the Colombian jungle. Their DC-3 is like a bush taxi: it takes off when it is full of goods and passengers. But on these old planes, another danger threatens: mechanical breakdown. 0:00 Roads of the Impossible: Season 2, Episode 5 1:32 A DC-3 plane attempts to navigate a tropical storm over the Amazon rainforest in Colombia. 8:32 A glimpse into the life of a DC-3 pilot in Colombia, ferrying supplies and passengers through the Amazon jungle. 15:12 A flight to Colombia is canceled after recurring problems with the plane and delays in repairs. 21:55 A plane is carrying goods into the Colombian jungle, including cocaine, but the military presence and reduced demand have reduced the number of flights. 29:30 The captain and crew of a DC-3 plane in Colombia prepare for risky flights on dangerous runways. 39:10 Colombian pilots risk their lives every day to transport goods and spray pesticides in fields. 47:15 A spreader pilot in Colombia recounts the dangers and accidents he experienced in his job.


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