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Title:Improved wastewater treatment in the Kaliningrad region - NEFCO

The Kaliningrad region in Russia accounts for a substantial proportion of the nutrients discharged to the Baltic Sea. In recent years, a number of projects have been initiated to reconstruct local wastewater treatment plants and improve the water quality in the region. This video shows what NEFCO is doing in the Kaliningrad region to rehabilitate the wastewater treatment facilities serving the towns of Svetlogorsk, Pionersk and Zelenogradsk. The project shown is financed by the local waterworks OKOS, NEFCO, the EU and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The treatment plant will be entirely reconstructed as a result of the project, which includes the rehabilitation of the main sewers and pumping stations as well as the installation of frequency converters. Measures will also be taken to stop leakages from broken and rusty pipelines. When the project is completed, the plant will handle wastewater from 67,000 people as new residential areas will be connected to the network. The project is expected to reduce phosphorus discharges by around 13 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to unprocessed discharges from a population of some 18,000 persons. The project is part of an extensive wastewater facilities rehabilitation programme, which covers several small towns and villages in the Kaliningrad region. More information about NEFCO:


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