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Title:"It's Dire Here!" - From Paradise to Deprivation: The Decline of Blackpool

Real Britannia Episode 1: Life in Blackpool may seem like a dream with its iconic amusement park and beautiful beach, but behind the tourist attractions lies a grim reality. This coastal town in Northern England has earned a reputation for having the lowest life expectancy rates and the worst quality of health in the country. While the rest of England has seen life expectancy steadily increase over the past 30 years, Blackpool has experienced a significant decline. Men in England can expect to live until they are 79, while for women, it's 83. In Blackpool, however, life expectancy is nearly five years shorter for both sexes. The town's healthy life expectancy, the number of years people can expect to live in good health, is also well below the national average. So, what has led to this crisis? According to Arif Rajpura, the town's director of public health, there are multiple factors contributing to Blackpool's health inequality. The gap between Blackpool and the rest of the country has widened over the years, and it's a challenge that requires the collective effort of the council, the NHS, and the government. Rajpura highlights issues such as the price of alcohol, obesity, and junk food advertising as factors that need to be addressed. Additionally, Blackpool faces an opiate crisis, with the highest rate of deaths from drug misuse in the country. The loss of young lives to overdoses has a significant impact on overall life expectancy. TalkTV visits the town where people die youngest and eight of the ten poorest neighbourhoods in Britain are. We spoke to the locals about what has gone wrong. Blackpool's future hangs in the balance. The town's unique charm and its people are what make it special. Without safeguarding their health and well-being, the very essence of Blackpool is at risk. The town's residents are hopeful for a brighter future, but they need support and action from all stakeholders to overcome the current crisis. The time for change is now, and Blackpool's survival depends on it. After going to press, a Government spokesperson responded: “We do not recognise these figures. We have already committed £141 million of Levelling Up funding to create more local jobs and regenerate Blackpool’s town centre for future generations to reap the rewards. “Last year, we dedicated £40 million to deliver new leisure facilities, create jobs, boost tourism, and help level up Blackpool through the relocation of the town’s Magistrates and County Courts. This is estimated to create 1,000 jobs. “We want to spread opportunity more equally across the country and ensure councils like Blackpool have the resources they need to deliver vital services for local people and businesses. That is why Blackpool Council’s core budget has seen a real-terms increase for 2023/24 – an extra £45.5 million since 2015/16. #blackpool #blackpoolpleasurebeach #blackpoolilluminations #britishpolitics #british #britain #britainnews #mentalhealth The Town Where People Die The Youngest: The Fattest Town In Britain: Town With Most UFO Sightings IN THE WORLD: The Poorest Town In Britain: Most Dangerous Place In Britain: Real Britannia Episode 6: Click here for more from TalkTV If you need any help visit:


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