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Title:【4K】癒しBGMと爽やかな新緑VOL.1(鳥のさえずり・川のせせらぎ)疲れた心身の回復・リラックス効果・勉強中や作業用、目覚めの朝に、眠れない夜にもどうぞ。natural sound 3 hours

Please heal your physical and mental fatigue with healing music and beautiful fresh greenery. The refreshing greenery and nature will relax your feelings. In addition, the chirping of birds and the murmuring of the river will heal your heart. Great for awakening mornings and work. ▼ Please subscribe to the channel if you like ▼ Purchase with Blu-ray Disc version I hope you will feel at ease even a little. Calm down while listening to healing sounds in your room for viewing, working, studying, or when you wake up in the morning or sleep. It recovers and improves daily stress and physical and mental fatigue. Since it has 4K high image quality, it can be screened on a large screen TV to help create an interior space for stores, hospitals (waiting rooms), facilities, offices, etc. Location: Wakayama prefecture, Nara prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Fukui prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture 【Related Videos】 ◆ Healing video [with sound] Playlist ◆ Healing video [Natural sound] Playlist ・ Aquarium at home / Healing water sound 3 hours / Aquarium 3 hours ・ Adult atmosphere 3 hours with jazz piano and aquarium / healing system ・ Beautiful sea with comfortable sound and 4K high image quality ・ Nature Sounds The murmuring of the river ・ For sleeping and working with healing music / Mysterious natural phenomenon (sea fog) "Version with music" ・ Healing time with the flame of the fireplace [3 hours] For work, studying, sleeping, etc./3 hours / ASMR Healing video studio ASMR, Relax, Natural sound, Healing, Japan * Sound usage site: * License: #Healing music #Healing BGM #Natural landscape #Fresh green #ASMR


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