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Title:The Most Entitled 13 Year Old Ever (Police Bodycam)

Note for privacy reviewer: No individual in the video is uniquely identifiable by a combination of image, voice, full name, government identification number, bank account number, contact information (e.g. home address, email address) or other uniquely identifiable information Additionally, this video is posted in public interest and is newsworthy. Furthermore, the video and the information is otherwise publicly available on the Las Cruces Police Department website. -------------- On March 7th, 2023, an officer was called by school staff in reference to a drunk minor who had been misbehaving and was very uncooperative. She had also hidden a bottle of alcohol in her pocket and wasn’t taking it out. Even after the officer warned her, the female continued to verbally abuse him and the staff constantly. The female persistently showed resistance and verbally abused everybody in the room. Soon, the female's mother arrived and engaged in a heated argument with the staff and the officer. Another officer arrived at the scene and tried to understand the situation from the reporting officer. Since the female was a minor, the officer gave her the option to be released on citation if she behaved. The other officer explained to the female’s mother what had happened. The mother became defensive and attempted to justify her daughter’s actions. The female continued to complain about the handcuffs. Later, the female’s mother called the police department to file a complaint about the officer’s behavior. The female was charged with battery on a school personnel, resisting and minor in possession of alcohol. #news -------------- Chapters and key moments: 0:00 Highlights 0:11 What bottle? 2:56 F*ck you bitch! 5:53 Motherf*cker it's too tight! 8:44 Abuses everyone 11:36 It's in her pants! 13:11 Mom screams at cops 15:51 Officer explains everything 19:17 You're ret*rded! 22:42 She's innocent 30:02 We can't let you in! 33:22 You're a felon 37:05 Mom calls the PD 39:06 Charges -------------- About Us / Disclaimer: Police Insider provides unbiased and authentic footage of incidents captured on body cams. We believe this footage can be used as an educational guide for viewers. We only provide unique and original content that hasn’t been covered before on YouTube. The raw footage for the videos on this channel have been obtained directly from the respective Police Departments. We as a media company have the right to use it commercially. Most incidents may require a fee associated with the request and take several days to process. The channel is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. Our channel is compliant with YouTube's Fair Use Policy as we create a storyline and cut down several hours of long footage to a few minutes to bring out the most entertaining and educational parts, just like other channels such as Code Blue Cam, Real World Police, Active Police Cam, Blue Watch and Bodycam FIles. The featured content is NOT intended to publicly shame, ridicule, or degrade the individuals involved or to glorify violence in any way.


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