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Title:The Raven Age - No Man's Land (Official Lyric Video)

BUY TOUR TICKETS AND PRE-ORDER OUR NEW ALBUM 'BLOOD OMEN' - OUT 7TH JULY 👉 Exile is beautifully curated selections of songs featuring 11 tracks - available on CD, digital download and streaming. This collection features 2 new original songs, plus fan favorites from both the ‘Conspiracy’ album and hand-picked live tracks from their epic setlists. Thank you to Gavoid Sodo & Yuvraj Bhatnagar for making this video: Website: Facebook: Twitter/Instagram: @theravenage Email: Track mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde Lyrics: As the night closes in rest your weary head and Find some shelter then say your prayers again All my hopes are in limbo of lost dreams All but forgotten or so it may seem to me Find your purpose find your truth then they all will follow you Count your blessings and pretend you can visualise the end Slipping further in descent but together we bleed red A past lives repent I can't decide if I have the fight in me I'm searching for a sign that I can't see And tell me what it must be like to ascend to the skies They've clipped my wings now I cannot fly And tell me something of a world where the dreams are alive I wonder sometimes what it must be like Tread the water beneath tides are turning I see How your future is all that you believe All the choices that lead to this moment They have to mean something or is it all for nothing Time is ticking away will you untie this noose around me I know if the beckoning finger I follow draws me in then it's too late C & P 2021 EX1 Records, LLC / EX1 Records is a part of Explorer1 Music Group. All rights reserved #TheRavenAge #NoMansLand #Exile


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