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Title:The World In 2024 With Niall Ferguson: Crisis, Conflict And The New Axis of Evil

‘The point of studying the past is to understand our present predicament’ – Niall Ferguson There are few big thinkers better placed to explain global events than historian Niall Ferguson. He has not just a profound understanding of past crises, but also an exceptional ability to map out the longer term impact that present crises will have on world affairs. In April 2024 Ferguson joined us on the Intelligence Squared stage to discuss the predicaments we are currently facing. How can the West deal with the geopolitical and ideological threats posed by what Ferguson calls the axis of ill will – Russia, China and Iran? With localised wars in Ukraine and Israel-Gaza and the threat of a crisis over Taiwan, are we sleepwalking towards a Third World War? And what are the likely consequences of the ongoing conflicts for the world economy? Ferguson explored these pressing questions and shares his insights into the fast-changing global landscape. ----------- Want to see more videos and virtual events? ✅ Subscribe to this channel and turn on notifications: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intelligence Squared has established itself as the leading forum for live, agenda-setting debates, talks and discussions around the world. Our aim is to promote a global conversation that enables people to make informed decisions about the issues that matter, in the company of the world's greatest minds and orators. Follow Intelligence Squared on: 👉 Facebook page: 👉 Twitter page: 📌 Website: #IntelligenceSquared #IQ2 #IntelligenceSquaredPlus


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