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Title:Silver & Mixed Twisted Metal Ring - Done Live From Start to Finish

Silver & Mixed Twisted Metal Ring - Done Live From Start to Finish Ring Bending & Shaping Tools: Ring Bender - Smart Size US Ring Sizing Kit for Superior Ring Bending - Ring Stretcher - Cheaper Off Brand Ring Bender - Cheaper Off Brand Ring Stretcher - Marking & Measuring Tool Digital Vernier Caliper - Bench Vice: 4.5in Bench Vise - Ring Sizer: Steel Mandrel Gold Standard - Finger Ring Sizer Gold Standard - Saw Frame & Saw Blades: Haymaker SawFrame - Nano Saw Blades - Blade Butter Cutting Lubricant - GRS Tools Mounting Plate - GRS Mounting Adapter - GRS Bench Pin - 4-Piece Bench Anvil Combination V-Slot Bench Pin - Solder Tools, Soldering Block & Solder: Smith Little Torch - Smart Flux - ErgoLast Titanium Solder Pick - NANO Paste, Silver Solder Paste - Electric Torch Igniter - Charcoal Soldering Block - Pickle and Pickle Setup: Smart Pickle - 2-QT Slow Cooker - Rolling Mill: Combo Wire & Sheet Rolling Mill - Wire & Sheet Rolling Mill 110 mm - Cheaper Off Brand Rolling Mill - Hammers & Bench Block: Maker Hammer Set FRETZ - Steel Bench Block - Rawhide Mallet - Chasing Hammer - Polishing/Buffing Tools & Machine: Single Spindle Polishing Machine - Double Spindle Polishing Machine - 4" Buffing Wheel Set - Fabulustre Polishing Compound - Cheaper Off Brand Double Spindle Polishing Machine - Ultrasonic Cleaner: Ultrasonic Cleaner 1.5 Pint - Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Quart - Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution - Pliers: Smooth Brass Jaw Parallel Pliers - Chain-Nose Parallel Pliers - Sandpaper: Wet or Dry Sandpaper 400 Grit - Silver Wire: 16 Gauge 925 Sterling Silver Wire - Metal Snips: 7in Plate Shears - Small Shears For Wire - ________________________________________________ If you are looking for more tools and materials that I use, well you're in luck! I made a page on my website just for that. Note: Most of the links that I use that go to products are affiliate link. This means I make a small commission on anything that you happen buy using them. This is at no extra charge to you and this helps support the work I do on this channel. 😁👍 ________________________________________________ Other Ways To Help Support The Channel: My PATREON ➜ One time support ➜ ________________________________________________ Instagram ➜ Facebook ➜ ________________________________________________ If you would like to buy any of the tools I have feel free to check out my list on amazon: #jewelrytutorial #DIY #beginnerjewelrymaking #silverring #silversmith #mixedmetal


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