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Order my book Make Your Own Rules! Thank you to Arturia! Check out V Collection 9: And FX Collection 3: Subscribe → Sign up for my online music making course: Learn more about production & music theory with this playlist: Merch! Support my work on Patreon and be the first to get all my new music: ★ THE ARTISTS ★ SoWylie Track Breakdown video Youtube Instagram Twitter L.Dre Track YouTube Instagram Twitter Rachel K Collier Track Breakdown video YouTube Instagram Twitter Andrew Huang Track on Spotify Track on Apple Music Track on YouTube Music Track on Bandcamp Instagram Twitter ★ FOLLOW ME HERE ★ TikTok Instagram Facebook Twitter ★ LISTEN TO MY MUSIC ★ Spotify iTunes Google Play Bandcamp ★ GEAR ★ Disclosure: Most of these are affiliate links - if you buy anything through them (even if it's not the linked item) I'll receive a small percentage, which helps support my channel. Music software (Ableton) My most used plugins Keyboard Headphones - lots of hype Headphones - low latency wireless Headphones - super pro omg Modular (North America) Modular (Europe) Small audio interface Big audio interface Analog preamp/comp OP-1 Ableton Push How I learned synthesis Mic 1 Mic 2 Vlog mic Lav mic Main camera 2nd camera I use Distrokid to get my music on streaming platforms - get 7% off your first year here: Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:07 Arturia 0:47 SoWylie breakdown 5:12 SoWylie track 7:59 L.Dre breakdown 10:49 L.Dre track 12:34 Rachel K Collier breakdown 17:04 Rachel K Collier track 19:52 Andrew Huang breakdown 25:59 Andrew Huang track ★ SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MY TOP PATRONS ★ Deaq DJ Bentley Jeff Hoffman Haley Masters James Dai Russ Creech Patrice Breton Curtis Chambers Gnare Corey Frang rd1994 Sean Corbett Luke Gilliam Silas Reaper Kristopher Charles Daniel Coleman Nick Simmons Tobias Gurdan -- If you're new here, my name is Andrew Huang and I'm a musician who works with many genres and many instruments - and I've also made music with many things that aren't instruments like balloons, pants, water, and dentist equipment. For more info visit my website: You can also stream and download my 40+ albums and EPs at or check out my other videos at Thanks for watching today and a big hug to you if you share this video with someone!


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