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Title:“All The Feels” Emotion Q&A, Part 1

Dr. Jonathan Hoover answers questions about emotions as we prepare to begin a new message series at NewSpring Church this weekend called "All The Feels." 0:00—Disclaimer 0:06—Introduction 0:53—Q: How do you calm yourself down and reset when you're extremely triggered and constantly stressed and angry? 16:53—Q: Why do emotions ambush us? 20:18—Q: I have a family member struggling with accepting they may need to take anti-depressants, and they don’t want to because they feel like it’s “giving up"... 26:41—Q: Are you going to cover the irritability that comes with depression? 30:04—Q: How do we handle (for lack of a better word) a family member who will not own up to their own emotional trauma or outbursts... Q: Could you address how many men believe women to be too emotional when they can't control their anger themselves? 33:35—Q: How do you deal with anxiety? Is it all emotions? Or nervous system? 37:39—Q: How do you explain to your child that there’s still a God even though the child has so many struggles with big emotions, anxiety, ADHD, etc.? 42:14—Q: What about emotions derived from trauma? 45:53—Q: How do you deal with an angry person? 50:29—Q: How do you forgive someone who has passed due to suicide? 59:19—Q: How do you help someone who was taught not to talk or show emotion to do so when they talk? Links: For a list of local Christian therapists, visit, and click "Relationship Help." To learn more about NewSpring's grief support program, "Through This Valley," visit


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