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Title:I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft's POTATO Update..

I Survived 100 Days in the latest Minecraft April Fools Snapshot! The Poisonous Potato Update.. This update contains the most features out of any April Fools update, with an entire new dimension, new bosses, new mobs, biomes, structures, and so so much more! This was such a fun video to make, and I hope you enjoy! Become a channel member for exclusive perks!⚡️ Discord!⚡️ Other socials⚡️ World Seed: -8540602078850222916 Where I get my music: Email for business inquiries: This is a Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play in the 1.20 Trails and Tales Update! This video is in a similar genre to many popular Hardcore Series by Minecraft YouTubers like Wadzee, SB737, Fru, Kolanii, NotNotBrock, Rekrap2, sandiction, aCookieGod, LockDownLife, PaulGG, Farzy and others. This video is a Hardcore Survival Challenge, and is a 100 days challenge, or a Minecraft, But challenge. It's also not 100 Days but the World Expands!, I Survived 100 Days in an EXPANDING WORLD in Minecraft Hardcore, I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft's VOTE Update, so minecraft added a potato dimension, Can You Beat Minecraft in a Potato ONLY World?, I Completed ALL ADVANCEMENTS in 100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft, 100 Days All Advancements Speedrun. This also isn't a video on one of the many popular SMP's, such as Lifesteal SMP, Dream SMP, Hermitcraft, Empires SMP or Grian's Life Series. #100days #Minecraft #Hardcore #LetsPlay #JulienAzelart


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