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Title:朝4時半起床|早起きをして台湾旅行に行く1人暮らしのゴールデンウィーク|Living Alone in Japan VLOG

Thank you for watching 🌽 I traveled abroad for the first time in a long time. It was a trip to Taiwan with my mother, with a local meeting and a local breakup. It had been about 5 years since I last went abroad. I was more nervous than excited. We were saved many times by the kindness of Taiwanese people, I returned home with a lot of memories and a lot of fun😊 ▶️index 00:00 Home 03:56 Miso soup with fat rolls and mushrooms 12:19 Prepare and pack for the trip 15:20 Travel day 1 26:55 Day 2 31:40 Day 3 33:37 Day 4 36:08 Instant mixed soba noodles and marinated mushrooms 40:07 Haul of Taiwanese souvenirs ▶️Item Bow tie knit: MISHMASH Pants: UNIQLO Gray dress: Franc Franc Apron: 3COINS 2nd day Cardigan: SALON adam et rope' Blouse: NOBLE Denim: N.Natural Beauty Basic Black dress: Mila Owen 3rd day Pink dress: NOBLE Fourth day Pink lace blouse: ZARA Striped dress: SHEIN 5th day Pink loungewear: SHEIN Rakuten Room Instagram ▶️VIDEOS Morning Routine Room Tour ▶️ ABOUT NAMI NO KURASHI I'm Nami, living alone in Tokyo. Tokyo is full of sparkling things, but let's live at my own pace! That's the motto of "Nami no Kurashi." It's a vlog documenting my ordinary daily life, where I don't have any special skills or abilities. I would be delighted if you could watch it leisurely. If you don't mind, please turn on notifications 🔔 You can change the color and size of the subtitles according to your preference. On PC, click on the ⚙️ icon of the video → Subtitles → Options On iPhone, go to Settings → Accessibility → Subtitles and Captioning Thank you very much for your warm comments 💛 I apologize for not being able to keep up with replies 💦 I truly appreciate the tremendous support 🙇


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