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Title:Transition Metals - Ligand Substitution Reactions|AQA A Level Chemistry Revision

This video is intended to be an ultimate guide and revision on EVERY transition metal complex ligand substitution reaction you need to know for the Substitution reactions section of the 3.2.5 Transition metals topic for the AQA A-Level chemistry specification. The aim of this video is to help all of you revise and prepare for your paper 1 and 3 exams. This video does not include the complex stability (chelate effect), shapes, bond angles, or isomers. You MUST learn this information too 👍 If you want to improve your grades and see more content like this - like, share, and subscribe to the channel! 📈 🔍 In this video, we cover: 00:00 - What you will learn (AQA specification) 02:14 - What are ligands and complexes? 04:55 - Monodentate ligands you need to know 06:43 - Coordination numbers 08:20 - H2O and NH3 substitution equations 18:37 - Cl- substitution equations 19:19 - explaining change in coordination number 20:53 - Cl- substitution equations continued 26:49 - Bidenentate ligands you need to know 29:05 - Bidentate ligand substitution equations 33:33 - Multidentate ligand equation (EDTA4-) 36:03 - Haem iron (II) complex and haemoglobin 37:50 - Practice questions (active recall) 📝 Resources 📖 - AQA specification: - AQA teaching document specifying that you no longer need to know Co2+: 📖 Huge shoutout to the resources used to make this video: 📚 Although this tutorial focuses on AQA, the concepts covered here are also applicable to other exam boards, such as OCR and Edexcel AQA document specifying that you no longer need to know Co2+:


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