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Title:Artificial Gravity

Artificial gravity is a concept that is ubiquitous in our science fiction yet elusive in our space program. Why is this? And how could we develop artificial gravity soon? In a Cool Worlds special, this video essay goes in depth on the topic discussing why centrifuges are the most plausible solution and early ideas on the topic. Join us a journey from Einstein's equivalence principle, to O'Neill Cylinders and Stanford Tori; from Coriolis forces to near-term experiments. Grab a cup of a tea and enjoy. You can now support our research program and the Cool Worlds Lab at Columbia University: Chapters: 0:08 Introduction 5:43 The O’Neill Cylinder 8:10 The Stanford Torus 10:16 Down-Sizing 13:31 Coriolis 16:52 Vertical Coriolis 19:32 Tipping Coriolis 21:34 Canal Sickness 27:01 Stability 29:28 Near-Tear Experiments Academic articles used: ► Nesti et al. (2014), "Human sensitivity to vertical motion", Exp Brain Res., 232, 303: ► Harris et al. (2014), "How Much Gravity Is Needed to Establish the Perceptual Upright?", PLoS One, 9, e106207: (0.15g) ► Cohen et al. (2000), "Effects of Prolonged Centrifugation on Orthostasis", Aerospace Medical Association 72nd Annual Scientific Meeting 2001: ► Graybiel et al. (1960), "Observations on Human Subjects Living in a 'Slow Rotation Room' for Periods of Two Days", Arch Neurol., 3, 55: ► Theodore Hall (1993), "The Architecture of Artificial Gravity: Archetypes and Transformations of Terrestrial Design", PhD Thesis, University of Michigan: ► Theodore Hall (2002), "Architectural Considerations for a Minimum Mass, Minimum Energy, Artificial Gravity Environment", SAE Technical paper Series, ► Online lecture by Theodore Hall in 2015 at SEEDS: ► Holderman & Henderson (2011): ► Kirk Sorensen (2005), "A Tether-Based Variable-Gravity Research Facility Concept": Video materials used: ► Numerous NASA videos, in particular of ISS, the Dawn Mission, as well Stanford Torus video: ► Nautilus X videos from f r a g o m a t i k: and ► High G blackout videos from VIDSTORM: ► Inner ear video from Fauquier ENT: ► World Record 83 G Deceleration Peak on Rocket Sled 1958-05-16 (1967) USAF: ► SpaceX Falcon Heavy test flight: ► "ORBIT - A Journey Around Earth in Real Time" by Seán Doran: ► MIT Coriolis demonstration: ► MPI CyberMotion Simulator: ► Not a video but thanks to Don Davis for his amazing images used ► Rotating simulators by Tom Lechner and William Hoza: and Filmclips, in order of appearance; ► Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1967, Paramount) ► Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005, Paramount) ► Interstellar (2014, Warner Bros) ► 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, Warner Bros) ► The Martian (2015, 20th Century Fox) ► Avatar (2009, 20th Century Fox) ► Elysium (2013, Sony Pictures) Music is by Chris Zabriskie ( and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (, in order of appearance; ► Cylinder Five ( ► Cylinder Nine ( ► Cylinder Three ( ► We Were Never Meant to Live Here ( ► That Hopeful Future Is All I've Ever Known ( ► The Sun is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow ( ► Cylinder Seven ( ► Cylinder Four ( ► Cylinder Eight ( And also... ► Columbia University Department of Astronomy: ► Cool Worlds Lab website: ::Playlists For Channel:: Latest Cool Worlds Videos ► Cool Worlds Research ► Tabby's Star ► ::Follow us:: SUBSCRIBE to the channel Cool Worlds Lab Twitter THANKS FOR WATCHING!!


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