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Title:How to Start a Regenerative Farm from Scratch

How to Start a Regenerative Farm from Scratch ⭐️ Have you ever wanted to start a regenerative farm from scratch? ⭐️ In this video, the Heifer USA team travelled to North Carolina to visit Grass Grazed Farm, a regenerative farm where founders Derrick and Paige Jackson have established and grown a successful business in just two years. In the community of Rougemont, just outside Durham, Grass Grazed Farm raises pastured poultry, forested pork, grass fed beef, grass fed dairy, and laying hens following regenerative agriculture practices. We interviewed the Jacksons about the process of starting their farm - and now, we're sharing their advice with you! Keep watching to learn every step the Jacksons took to build Grass Grazed Farm. 📖 DOWNLOAD Heifer USA Livestock Resource Guide HERE: 🔶 Gallagher Discount Code for 10% off your ENTIRE purchase: HEIFERUSA 🙆🏿‍♂️ If you want to get hands on experience learning about regenerative agriculture, then apply to the residential volunteer program at Heifer Ranch. We provide housing, food, and a small stipend. Learn more about our collaborators! 🌱 Grass Grazed Farm: 🌱 Subscribe to Grass Grazed Farm on YouTube: 🍴 Farm to Fork Meat Riot: 🍴 Niti the Farmacist: ⭐️ WHAT'S IN THIS VIDEO? ⭐️ 00:00 - Who is Grass Grazed Farm? 0:2:05 - The Journey to Regenerative Farming 04:52 - How to Start a Regenerative Farm 04:53 - Starting a Farm Business 05:07 - Farmers Market Research 05:53 - Why Regenerative Agriculture? 08:12 - Farm Marketing 08:46 - How to Lease Land 10:21 - Learn How to Farm 11:14 - What to Raise on a Regenerative Farm 11:57 - Establish a Farm Chore Routine 14:14 - Where to Sell Regenerative Meat 14:24 - Food Church - Community Supported Agriculture 16:10 - Biggest Challenges in Farming 16:21 - Creating Community in Farming 18:19 - Most Important Advice for Farmers 💌 Subscribe to Heifer USA: ✨ Follow us on social media: Heifer USA trains farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders in regenerative agriculture, combining sustainable horticulture and market gardening with ethical, regenerative livestock management, implementing proven methods to improve soil health. We offer virtual training through livestreams, workshops, and long-form video tutorials. Subscribe to be notified every time we publish a new video with information to improve your farm, ranch, or organic garden! DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.


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