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Title:Ford Fiesta, Immobiliser Light Flashing, No Odometer Data, No Engine Cranking, Fixed.

The car came by recovery truck with none start, no engine crank condition, we asked the customer for none start condition, he explained that the car was almost stationery for one year, the car had the battery completely dead, customer replaced the battery but after replacing the battery the engine was not cranking, he took the car to the recovery truck trusted mechanic garage, the garage mechanic then told the customer that data is missing from your car PCM, to restore this data back, you need the Ford Etis IDS diagnostic tool and it is going to cost you £350.00. The customer anxiously brought the car to our garage, after a vision inspection we connected the scanner to the vehicle , the scanner was not communicating withe PCM. We then checked power supply to the pcm and found that the fuse which supplies 12 V power to the pcm and energises the engine control relay is blown up we replaced the blown fuse and it fixed the problem. Disclaimer: this video only contains tips and recommendations that could be useful when carrying out vehicle repairs or replacement parts, STANHOPE AUTO REPAIR CENTRE WARDAK is not liable for any damage, harm injury or property damage incurred while carrying out repairs or replacement that are a result of incorrect use or misinterpretation of the provided information purposes only and does not guarantee achievement of specific result. The user is personally liable for incorrect use of repair equipment, tools or vehicle parts, in particular, when this use poses the risk of injury. STANHOPE AUTO REPAIR CENTRE WARDAK strongly recommends being careful and adhering to the safety rules when doing any repair or replacement.


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