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Title:Men I Trust - Untourable Album (HQ)

Untourable Album Cover by Lynn Goldsmith 00:00 Organon 02:30 Oh Dove 05:47 Sugar 08:43 Sorbitol 11:41 Tree Among Shrubs 14:49 Before Dawn 18:22 Serenade of water 21:18 5AM Waltz 23:15 Always Lone 26:30 Ante Meridiem 28:56 Lifelong Song 31:58 Shoulders 35:23 Beluga 01 Organon I’m one My blood I owe I bear The past My heirs I owe I bear (bis) When I smell sweet hay Peace of mind comes Distant land I’m from Honey & sun Oh, I relieve it Where I was born Oh, I can feel it In the storm 02 Oh Dove You’re not done You just broke a bone Oh dove You’re not the one that’s gone To be ours Like the trees on our shores All tweezed The cliffs eat away at our knees On my knees I’ll be the one to tell your story, don’t say you’re sorry, you rest and heal You used to be my spear without fear, you had the will I want to give you time, give you mine, until you heal You used to speed your way through the fields, but now you’re still Soon we’ll roam There’ll be shade once more We’ll stray Oblivious of boats sailing home Sailing home 03 Sugar I ran out of made up consolations I’ve been waiting forever How can you call me with such conviction? “Sugar cane, sugar “ You get yourself out of situations Won’t you leave me, won’t you? ‘Cause I don’t have the time for indignations “Sugar cane, sugar” It goes on and on and on And it goes on and on and on again (bis) Can you find just one thing you cherish? Would you hold me just like you mean it? Am I the one with much imagination? Give me one reason As it gets older, You keep pulling and pushing away But you never promised me To be wiser or better 04 Sorbitol Took a Flintstone pill Pantry uphill Curtain child within My teens, our dreams Ride through Hyrule fields Roaming scuffing Mileage on my bike breezing The freedom I enjoyed through flames I owe it Mother and bygones Remember Days that gave me aim, So I can feel the same I don’t know about your love I don’t know about your past Things I did have brought me shame, and pride Alas, I don’t know about your past 05 Tree Among Shrubs You make no sound As folks gather ‘round, Like shadow hounds Eyes seem unsound As folks gather ‘round And please you aloud And I now believe that no one asked About your secret past The pain to match your strength And I now believe that no one thought You had a lonely past The pain and strengths so vast From mellow seas, To houses on wheels, To slabs in West lands, Hand in hand From yellow bills, To slabs in West lands, Like bones in your hands But I see a tree that's standing high among the shrubs So only one hand may rest its palm upon my cheeks The only one that I'll need To know why no one asked About your secret past The pain to match your strength And I now believe that no one thought You had a lonely past And pain to match your vein When it rains 07 Serenade of water Slow, we all slowly move “Just like a river’s flow… never ends” gentle How long, Go slow on me No longer young Hold on to thee I’m where I belong Go slow on me Hold that we’re bond In truth Go slow on me Slow on me (bis) Be My Love Once more Tears and joys together Tweeds and stones, our past our tether Be My Love Once more Springs and hail we weather Gentle 08 5AM Waltz Don’t Say Much I know I Don’t Own Much I Know I (bis) 09 Always Lone I’m not someone You take away and leave alone I’m not the one To shy away and moan And though I am A deeply flawed human I feel the shame When you lay your eyes on me with pain It’s not hard to see you’re getting cold Oh, bring me home Where I’m proud Where the scales are plane And It’s sane We can play your game Such a cruel way To keep you entertained It’s hard to see who gains And who plays I’d rather be the one who got fooled Than to have my heart cooled I always care Always lone, Always lone, 10 Ante Meridiem Slide Staring high Dolly cam Fixing light Must be ‘live And I'm breathing Lost in time, I'm fine And I'm feeling And I'm bleeding “Same” “We're the same” “Different times” Near my bed Passing friend 11 Lifelong Song Three times the echoes of my name How could someone not turn insane What made you leave, what made you go, Long road, long time ago, Whistling your lifelong song Solace is your lifelong song (bis) You fenced yourself from the crowd Black water, far as eyes can see, Clear metal taste in your mouth Nights howl, Are you invited or not, ‘till dawn? Three times the echoes of my name Can one man be an island I want to leave, I want to go, A long way, like you taught me so, 12 Shoulders Time, won’t you ease my shoulders? They got here unsafe Winter’s monsters adopted my place I don’t know how you’ve been I don’t know who she is but I can tell She’s ‘got delicate hands That must dance around you with the grace Of a free bird Of a song Time won’t you ease me? I wonder if you’re still waiting with Pride for the sun, for the one To tell you to go to sleep Of a bird Of a song Of a bird (bis)


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