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Title:Mastering Audiograms: Your Guide to Understanding Hearing Test Results

Here is a breakdown ANYONE can understand. We show you how to read an audiogram, what it all means and how to understand your hearing test. We also breakdown why certain frequencies and sounds are so important in understanding why you have trouble with certain words. Hope you enjoy and we hope it helps! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➥ Follow US 👂 🐤 ❤️DONATE & SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL🙏 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRY OTC HEARING AIDS 🦻Audien Alpha Pro 2 - 🦻Elehear Alpha Pro - 🦻 JABRA OTC Hearing Aid - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HELPFUL Producs On Amazon 🌊 Hearing Aid Dryer - 🎧 JABRA OTC Hearing Aid - 🥛 Hearing Aid Drying Cup - 🧦 Hearing Aid Covers (SweatProof) - 🧷 OtoClip (Hearing Aid Lanyard) Type 1 - 🧷 OtoClip (Hearing Aid Lanyard) Type 2 - WAX FILTERS 🛞 (Phonak & KS9/10) Cerushield - 🌀 (Jabra/ReSound) Cerustop - 🌘 (Philips/Oticon) ProWax MiniFit - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER VIDEOS Hearing Aid Programs ............. Rexton App............................... Stop Paying So Much.............. Free Online Hearing Test.......... How To Read an Audiogram ..... DISCLAIMER I am a costco employee. These comments and views are my own and do not reflect those of costco. I am not being paid by costco or ANY company or brand out there. I am simply trying my best to provide accurate, non biased information to help out folks that wear hearing aids. If you use any of these amazon links to purchase products, i get a TINY TINY slice of commision. Help a brother out! Love you guys!


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