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Title:Convert an old Welding Machine to High Frequency TIG • 29$ • full Tutorial

Donations PayPal AMZN capacitors AMZN Flyback: AMZN transformer AMZN switch AMZN TIG torch plasma cutter video tutorial : Segui su Instagram le anteprime dei progetti e i backstage Instagram: TIk Tok Pagina ufficiale Secondo Canale: Canale INGLESE Donazioni: PayPal Hi guys, in this video let's see how to modify a vintage rescuer that was given to me by a dear fan (Edoardo) here in the Turin province In fact, in this project we see together how to take an electrode welder with a classic basic transformer and convert it into a high voltage Tig savior For the uninitiated, the advantages of welding with Thing are really interesting, because it allows us to weld really thin metals and with extreme precision, in fact it is exactly like welding with a blowtorch by adding but by hand with a filler rod of the additional metal which will create a have own welding In this case the initial value of the rescuer was less than €30 as it was all damaged and dated By making this simple modification we definitely increase the value of the savior itself and also its functionality in this case we are welding a Thing in alternating current It is obvious that an inert gas must also be added through its original tube, in this case it is pure argon  I still have to get carried away with this technique but it seems really easy to learn you just need to practice hours and hours to achieve perfection In this video I took a flashback of an old CRT TV and I connected a special driver that shoots a high frequency and manages to increase the fly back output voltage We will need this voltage to charge the capacitors in this case I advise you to buy 50 kg volt capacitors or alternatively try to build one using the table that I have superimposed Playing with high voltage can be dangerous if not fatal for some individuals so I advise you to avoid playing with these things and promptly close them inside an airtight box so as to avoid any risk of getting an electric shock I would like to reiterate not to touch the high voltage electrodes of the flyback in any way, let alone the capacitors that remain charged, as I risked really hurting myself or possibly ending up in the morgue. Having said that, which must be said by law, let's continue with the description of the project In this way with this modification we are able to have a Thing torch connected directly to the savior to the mass and on the other end instead we place a self-built transformer By doing so we will obtain a savior capable of generating 40 V and 160 A maximum as originally But at the same time 4000 or 5000 V will come out of the same Tg torch with one for today instead negligible By combining your things together we will obtain a spark long enough to propagate on any metal conductor thus avoiding having to do a sketch start So the tiger electrode of the torch will never touch the metal surface managing to weld even with an initial distance of about two or 3 mm More than enough to avoid contact which would tend to ruin the tungsten electric car Ruining I have it. Or by making molten metal build up on tungsten So I would say that I am very satisfied with this result with this small high voltage transformer I will be able to weld a Thing without having to scrub stand all the time I hope you can take inspiration you changed understood something new Especially with regard to the induction coil, in fact this is precisely the principle of this transformer which is able to wirelessly transmit electric current from one coil to another


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