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Title:How to Remove the Cassette or Freewheel from Bike Wheels

In this video I demonstrate how to take off and reinstall the rear sprockets from bicycle wheels. I have covered both the removal of the thread on free-wheel type of system typically found on older and lower end bikes, as well as the freehub and cassette type system typically found on newer and higher end bicycles. I also teach you a quick way of identifying which type your bike uses. These two systems are NOT compatible with each other. I've included some techniques for removal when the parts are very badly stuck. This is a useful skill to have for swapping between different gear ratios, for cleaning your cogs, and for performing other bike maintenance tasks including changing a broken spoke. How to Remove the Rear Wheel: How to Fix a Broken Spoke: Stopping a Chain Whip from Slipping: How to Remove a Freewheel (old video): For the Freewheel type of system, the tools recommended include: -A Freewheel Remover tool which fits your freewheel (visit your local bike shop). -A sized wrench that fits onto your Freewheel Removal tool. For the Freehub and Cassette type of system, the tools recommended include: -Cassette Lockring Tool (visit your local bike shop). -A sized wrench that fits onto your Cassette Lockring Tool. -Chain Whip Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 0:51 Identification 1:44 Freewheel Background 2:53 Freewheel Removal 6:49 Freewheel Installation 7:26 Cassette Background 8:56 Cassette Removal 11:17 Cassette Installation If you have any questions about this procedure, please leave a comment below. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please COMMENT and subscribe! Thanks for watching.


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