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Title:Rare Terrarium Plant Collection Tour - Part 5

Part 5 of the tour of my entire plant collection! Plant list in description! Notes: 1. I do not sell plants. 2. My sources are mostly private. For tips on creating your own plant source network, see the FAQ page on my website. Tour part 1, in case you missed it: #terrariumplants #rareplants #ferns 🍂 PLANT LIST (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) Petrocosmea cf sinensis Reldia minutiflora Peperomia sp. Ecuador Philodendron sp. Ecuador Begonia vankerckhovenii Triolena pileoides Lomariopsis sp. (AKA Subwassertang) Microgramma lycopodioides Hemionitis palmata Asplenium sandersonii (often misidentified as Asplenium stoloniferum) Adiantum ciliatum Asplenium pekinense Crepidomanes sp. Didymoglossum sp. NOID filmy fern (possibly Hymenophyllum sp.) Selaginella sp. Begonia sp. Borneo Leptochilus pteropus subsp. pteropus ("Mini trident") Leptochilus pteropus subsp. pteropus ("Thunder Leaf") Bucephalandra sp Brownie Ghost 2011 Misc ferns from Ecuador NOID (Family Gesneriaceae?) NOID (Family Melastomataceae) Cochlidium serrulatum Marcgravia sp. Brown Dendrobium dichaeoides Ficus sp. Borneo NOID from Ecuador (tree / shrub?) Mini fern sp (Asplenium?) Diastema affine Pteris sp. Asplenium oligophlebium Bertolonia sp. Philodendron sp. Begonia sp. Kapuas Hulu Begonia U074 🍂 RECOMMENDED VIDEOS AND PLAYLISTS Tour part 1, in case you missed it: Most Beautiful Foliage Plants How I Made the Ping Jar Terrarium Grow Buce Emersed Like a Boss ---► Visit the Another World Terraria Amazon Page to shop a selection of my favorite products for plants, terraria, and other projects! I earn from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate. ---► LOOKING TO BUY BUCE OR OTHER AQUATIC PLANTS? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For customers in the USA, I highly recommend the vendor Buceplant. If you go through my affiliate link below and then make a purchase, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you, which helps support the expenses I incur from making and providing all of my free content. Thank you in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 🍂 MORE! ❤ Please Like & Share if you enjoyed the video. Thanks! 🍂 Copyright Matthew Schwartz | Another World Terraria


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