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Title:BB King Teaches How to Solo Over a Blues Progression! Animated Fretboard Guitar Lesson (fretLIVE)

Download the TAB for all the parts BB plays here - both .pdf & playable TAB and access live weekly guitar hangouts on zoom with Gary and other patrons: 🎸Enroll in the next LIVE fretLIVE Fretboard Mastery Program - limited to 40 students for 15% off: 🎸Enroll in the SELF PACED fretLIVE Fretboard Mastery Program for 50% OFF: 📺 Here's a Video Tour of the fretLIVE Fretboard Mastery Program & Student Testimonials: Purchase the complete 3 hour masterclass from Alfred Music here: Check out the JamTracksCentral slow blues in G here: ►FREE .PDF Download of "The CAGED Blueprint": 🎸Enroll in Soloing for Complete Beginners here for 15% OFF with Coupon code YOUTUBE15 pre-applied: (This is an ear based approach to develop your phrasing before getting into larger scale shapes) Share your riffs on instagram and tag @pow__music and use the hashtag powmusicchallenge OR on Facebook in the "Fretboard Adventures" Facebook Group: 👉Enroll in SUPER STRUMMER - 7 Levels to Strumming Freedom for 15% OFF with coupon code YOUTUBE pre-applied: ➡Download the FREE .pdf of the Pentatonic Scale Shapes: ➡Download the FREE .pdf of the Diatonic Scale Shapes: Chapters: BB PLAYING AND TEACHING 0:00 - BB’s Slow Blues Solo in G bar 1 riff (I) 0:05 - Bars 2-3 riff (IV-I) 0:12 - Bars 3-4 riff (I) 0:17 - Bars 4-5 riff (I-IV) 0:23 - Bar 6-7 riff (IV-I) 0:28 - Bar 7-8 riff (I) 0:33 - Bars 8-9 riff (I-V) 0:39 - Bars 10-11 riff (V-I) 0:45 - bar 11 riff (I) 0:46 - BBs teaching segment intro 0:57 - BB gives examples of what he plays on each chord 1:31 - BB’s second set of examples over the chord changes LESSON INTRO 3:27 - Gary’s intro to the lesson 4:23 - Gary’s intro to “workshopping” BBs riffs to make them your own 4:50 - Gary’s teaching philosophy for this lesson PROMO SEGMENT 5:05 - TAB for Patrons overview 5:13 - fretLIVE Fretboard Mastery Program Overview 5:48 - FREE .pdfs overview - pentatonic and diatonic scales LESSON SEGMENT 5:59 - All about STRINGS…and clips of me breaking a bunch making this! 8:44 - Intro Solo Bar 1 (I) breakdown 9:30 - Lesson on what I mean by “chord tones” or “outlining the chord” 10:41 - Bars 2-3 riff (IV-I) breakdown 13:50 - a quick note on BB’s vibrato and why I won’t teach it to you 15:27 - bar 3-4 riff (I) breakdown 16:46 - bar 4-5 riff (I-IV) breakdown 18:34 - bar 6-7 riff (IV-I) breakdown 20:35 - bar 7-8 riff (I) breakdown 21:35 - bar 8-9 riff (I-V) breakdown and MIXOLYDIAN MODE lesson 24:12 - bar 10-12 riffs (V-I) breakdown 25:46 - some context about this clip as it relates to the full masterclass 26:26 - The BB Box vs. the House of Blues or Albert King Box 27:50 - BB’s raking technique to fatten up a note 28:28 - Moving the BB Box up and down the neck for I-IV-V 29:09 - Demo of me playing the solo note for note, then “workshopping it” 31:11 - 12 Bars of Backing track for you to solo 32:03 - THANK YOU POW MUSIC PATRONS!!!! Related Videos: Nailing the Major Thirds in Blues: Master the Main the 2.5 Shapes: Use the 2x2 Pentatonic Method: LITTLE WING Note for Note with fretLIVE: Support this Free Content: Patreon: Paypal: Crypto: powmusic.eth 🎸Learn more about Gary Heimbauer and Pow Music: 🎸Follow on Facebook: 🎸Follow on Instagram: #bbking #guitarlesson #bluesguitar


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