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Title:What is Clitoris, महिलाओं को जननांग में ज्यादा सुख कहाँ महसूस होता है? (हिंदी में) Dr. Neha Mehta

What is Clitoris, महिलाओं को जननांग में ज्यादा सुख कहाँ महसूस होता है? (हिंदी में) Dr. Neha Mehta In this video we cover: What is Clitoris? Does the clitoris increase sex power? Are women more satisfied here? Where is the clitoris in the body? The holes which are used for sexual activities in women are vaginal holes and anal sex. The vaginal hole from where you can conceive pregnancy in the woman and anal sex from where you dispatched all your waste products of the body. Labia majora is the part of the woman's body that protects the urine organ of the body. It’s a dome shape organ in which the upper lips are called labia majora and the thin layer inside it is called labia minora. There’s a very small round-shaped body part which is called the clitoris. It’s a thin layered area that is at the top of the women's urine opening part. This organ provides maximum stimulation orgasm in a woman’s body. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation or you want to increase the sex time and satisfy your partner. Then clitoris stimulation is the best sexual activity that you can perform with your partner. Clitoris stimulation never causes pregnancy. This activity increases blood circulation in a woman's body which leads to the maximum orgasm. Sometimes by playing and rubbing the clitoral part of a women’s body women cause vaginal discharge(squirting or releasing orgasm). Playing with the clitoris part is a good sexual activity to perform if your woman allows it. Hi, Thank you for visiting this channel. Dr. Neha Mehta is a Registered Consultant Psychologist, a Motivational Speaker, and a well-known Parent Coach. She is the youngest leading Psychologist in Haryana. She holds amazing knowledge in the field of psychology Dr. Neha Mehta is also a Gold Medalist, National Youtuber, and Blogger. Her Videos and Live Sessions are being appreciated by viewers all over the globe She has trained more than 5000 interns and is versed in marital therapy, sexual therapy, CBT, EFT, and child counseling. Some of the Areas of expertise are Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Marriage Counseling, Sexual Counselling, Schizophrenia, etc. Currently, she owns her own Clinic in Hisar, Haryana, and runs an online Mental Health portal My Fit Brain. Thanks Dr. Neha Mehta Consultant Psychologist My Website:- Like My Facebook Page:- Follow Me on Instagram:- Book an Appointment- Now you can Book an appointment session with Dr. Neha Mehta from the android app 'Dr. Neha Mehta' too. Here you can get access to ✔️ 100% Secure Counselling ✔️ Chat, Audio & Video Modes ✔️ Card/wallet Payment options ✔️Free Blogs & Videos ✔️ Save the time of traveling to the clinic You are requested to please install it on your device and give a rating on Google Play Store. Link- Channel Managed By- Digital Chaabi


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