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Title:#7 - Building a Philips PT8631 pattern generator from scratch

Today we're having a break from me rambling about old television things, and instead building something, which is much more fun. The PT8631 is the analogue pattern generator module which fits into the PT5xxx sync generator family originally developed under Philips, but can also be branded ProTeleVision or DK-Audio/DK-Technologies due to various rounds of divestment and acquisition of this product line. It can generate basically every type of Philips and FuBK pattern, both PAL and NTSC (but not SECAM), and because it's almost entirely digital its output is extremely accurate and clean. I uploaded three demos of it to my other channel:, and I am able to build it due to the product line being open sourced, and this only happened because it was sold in 2001 to Danish entrepreneur Karsten Hansen who recently retired and wanted to make these products available for all to enjoy. The original hardware is extremely rare, thus efforts like this are the only that are likely to bring such things to the ordinary person. The GitHub page I got all of the resources from is here: It requires quite a lot of patience to navigate but it is all there. Unfortunately this disclosure does not include earlier products like the PM5644 which ProTeleVision flogged to Trescal in 2001 and did not have such a happy ending. One of the most interesting things in there is the scripts which generated the Philips pattern. Here is one of them: Unfortunately the software which interprets them was lost over the years but it is interesting to see how it was done nonetheless.


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