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Title:Ahyeon is BACK But YG Wants To Debut NEW GROUP!? (Ft. BLACKPINK, TREASURE, BABYMONSTER Update!)

YG Entertainment is set to reveal "at least one" new K-pop group in 2024, potentially hinting at more debut amidst's fans' concert about Blackpink, Treasure and BABY Monster's future. On another note, AHYEON is officially back with BABY MONSTER and gearing up to join the group's 1st EP release and BLACKPINK ROSE hinting at a new SOLO album! In today's video we will discuss about Ahyeon is BACK But YG Wants To Debut NEW GROUP!? (Ft. BLACKPINK, TREASURE, BABYMONSTER Update!) Click here to subscribe @KPOPNook: Subscribe for Kpop News, Latest Kpop News, Kpop Opinions, Kpop Edits and all things K-pop! On KPOP Nook we will go through Latest News, unpopular Kpop Opinion, hallyu and more 한류! Stay tuned for the Latest Kpop Knowledge, Kpop Controversies, and KWave. This is our Kpop Zone! It's an official WORLDWIDE Kpop Party and everyone's invited 🎉 Share and spark discussion with everyone 😉 Inspired by Doyouram (두유람), Kookielit, Kpop Junkee, BeBoss TV Inspired by YG Entertainment Is Going Bankrupt after Blackpink Left?! Profit FALLS By 60.9%! Inspired by (G)I-DLE cancel schedules! JYP deletes Lia from ITZY's post! YG criticized for Babymonster's photos! Inspired by Jessi ENDS ties with Jay Park, LISA under fire, (G)I-DLE's comeback flops despite high sales?! Inspired by What's Really Happening With Blackpink's Lisa! Inspired by 5 Things Blackpink Couldn't Do Because of YG Entertainment Inspired by ZB1 Cursing Controversy Response, (G)I-DLE Shuhua & LE SSERAFIM Eunchae Health, 8TURN Takeover! Inspired by Ahyeon Returns to BABYMONSTER, NewJeans Minji Receives Apology, Sorn Addresses CEO Accusations Inspired by Top 7 Entertainment News Stories of 4th Week of Jan, 2024 (LE SSERAFIM, IU, NewJeans, BABYMONSTER) Inspired by Major entertainment label idols and IU, complete comeback line-up in Feb 2024 Inspired by Top 7 Entertainment News Stories of Last Week of Jan, 2024 (SVT, IU, LE SSERAFIM, (G)I-DLE, WJSN) Inspired by BABYMONSTER NEXT PHASE | YG Announcement Inspired by BABYMONSTER - 'Stuck In The Middle' M/V


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