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Title:What does it take to be a ballerina? | Qualities you need to make it pro!

Hi Everyone! Welcome Back to my channel! Thank you for your support as always. Today we are talking about 11 things I think that a ballerina needs to possess in order to succeed and make it professional. These qualities stem from physical attributes to having a specific mindset to deal with pressure. I have learned from my own wins and losses what is really required! Please keep comments respectful and tasteful. All other comments are subject to be removed. Please like Share and Subscribe! Thank you for watching! ---------- Follow me on instagram Let us know if you have struggled with this and find it difficult to be honest with your teacher. Enjoy! ---------- Follow on instagram @balletwithisabella Enjoy! Like and subscribe! ---------------------------------- Take my 8 week absolute beginner course! - become a soloist member. 14 day free trial to the BWI platform Online classes + courses + plans Live ballet classes online Memberships to enhance you training Live classes and more! Start today! * Listen to my podcast to enhance your mindset as a dancer! become more confident, with higher self esteem and self belief. Join thousands of listeners! * Follow me on Instagram @balletwithisabella * Follow me on TIKTOK Join the BWI Community! Your secret weapon to excellence About Me Hello everyone! my names Isabella. I am the first British graduate of the Vaganova ballet academy in Saint Petersburg Russia. I was a soloist working with the Mikhailovsky Ballet and Eifman ballet. Now I live in London as a full time coach Here, on my channel I am sharing my passion with you all about the Vaganova technique amongst many other things related to ballet we all love. It's a hard industry so I am here to help with my insights and knowledge to make it a little easier for you all, as well as to hopefully entertain you with my content. Thank you for watching! Isabella xo


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