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Title:'Birthday Sex' (Jeremih) Lap Dance Choreography For Men

HAVE YOU EVER… Wanted to learn the secrets of Adonis Dance method? (Hint: it’s a dance style for men to look like “magic mike” on the dance floor) 👇👇👇👇 CLICK HERE: ------------------------- Now for some..... FREE STUFF! 📺 Want to learn one of my most popular routines for FREE, no strings attached? Click HERE: 📺Watch the FREE tutorial on the '6 Steps For Sexual Striptease Dancing' - The ultimate guide for sexual dancing by learning a beginners routine to the song 'PONY' Watch it now here: -------------------------- OK, WHAT’S THE VIDEO ABOUT? Hey everyone! 👋 Tommy 'Gun' here again! ✌️ Firstly, Thank you all for your support thus far into my journey of pioneering this dance style to mainstream audiences! I appreciate everyone one of you, who are brave enough to look deep inside yourself and explore this dance style. It's a great way to express your sexual masculine energy in a healthy and positive way! I learnt a lot about myself and choreographing dance routine when I made this video. As you all know, I myself am I student in this art form - and I always will be. My main goal with this YouTube channel is to bring you all along on my journey of learning, and as passengers in this journey, you all will discover the lessons I learn, as I share them with you! When I first choreographed this routine, I created something too complex, and it was NOT good at all. I got too caught up in trying to hit every beat with a move, or, some sort of detail. After showing my wife a rough draft of my choreography, she commented and gave me honest feedback on how unnecessary and overly complex it was. It made me take a second, and revaluate the entire routine. I realised that I got so caught up in trying to do something advanced, that I forgot the vibe of the song. I forgot that it was meant to be sexy and that it was for a lap dance! So I went back to square 1, and really listened to the song, and the feelings it made me feel. When we create something, this is the heart and essence of creativity: emotions. You need to be in touch with your feelings, and have a strong and healthy relationship with them. So I hope you enjoy the 'Birthday Sex' (song by Jeremih) choreography! It's designed to be learnt and performed for your special spouse on their birthday! (of course). YES, it's a little advanced... However in the full tutorial I have given alternative moves to use for beginners, so anyone can learn this and perform it with confidence! At Adonis Dance Academy you will discover the secrets to mastering the art of the Adonis Dance Method - which consist's of male stripper dance moves, lap dance moves and simple routines / dance combo's you can bust out in the club, or for your wife/girlfriend in an intimate setting. Truly at our heart, we are an online educational organisation that offers the unique insight into the male striptease dance style - a way of dancing that women go CRAZY for! Have you seen ‘Magic Mike’? I’m sure you’ve heard women rave on about it…Well - that’s what we teach you guys, how to move and become your own ‘magic mike’ for her! We help everyday men learn the art of masculine and sexual dancing - and unlock their inner 'male stripper' to be creatively released upon a special recipient. Our students use this unique and rarely taught knowledge to put together and perform their own lap dance for their partner. Our 'single' students love having the knowledge to be able to take their dating life TO ANOTHER LEVEL. Who ever says foreplay is dead, clearly has never met a women before. Anyone who has spent time with women knows how important foreplay is, and there's no better way to seduce someone after a night out, than a steamy & erotic lap dance in the hotel room. For more info on the male stripping industry and training programs for male strippers, please visit our speciality training website, visit: 👉 Don’t forget to: FOLLOW Tommy’s personal profile on Instagram: @adonisdanceacademy


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