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Title:The TRUTH Behind the f/11 MYTH that the PROS Know!

Go to to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. 🌟Get My FREE Lightroom Colors Course🌟 In this week’s episode, we discuss the truth behind the f/11 myth that the pros know. If you've gotten into outdoor and landscape photography in the last ten years you've more than likely heard that f/11 is the best aperture to use for this genre of photography. In this video, I'll share with you three reasons that debunk this f/11 myth along with what I've found to be a much better solution when it comes to determining the best camera settings for your photography gear. I hope you enjoy this week's video and as always thanks so much for watching! - Mark D. ✅ VIDEO CHAPTERS 🔘 Sensor Size Matters 1:10 🔘 Focal Length Matters 2:52 🔘 Lens Performance 4:52 🔘 Finding the Sweet Spot 6:30 🔘 Objects in Your Scene 7:25 🔘 The Better Solution 10:01 🌟2023 & 2024 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE 🔘 *RECOMMENDED GEAR PAGE* 🔘 📸 MY CAMERAS & LENSES 🔘Big Camera: 🔘Video Camera: 🔘Action Cam: 🔘DJI Mavic 3: 🔘Fujifilm 20-35mm: 🔘Fujifilm 23mm: 🔘Fujifilm 32-64mm: 🔘Fujifilm 100-200mm: 🔘Wide Lens: 🔘Super Long Lens: 🧰 MY FILTERS & ACCESSORIES 🔘Best Filter Kit: 🔘Black Mist Filters: 🔘Top Camera Bag: 📺 WATCH THESE PLAYLISTS NEXT 🔘Composition Tips: 🔘Beginners Guide: 🔘Editing Tutorials: 🔘Tips & Tricks:​ As an affiliate marketer & Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I earn a small commission on the above links if you decide to purchase the item at no additional charge to you. #landscapephotography​​ **LETS CONNECT** Newsletter: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


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