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Title:The Legend of Dragoon: Ending 4K (RESTORED with AI, Machine Learning and Neuronal Networks)

This is The Legend of Dragoon; The Ending of the game, the final cutscene and the Epilogue, restored to 4K with AI, Machine Learning, and Neuronal Networks. Oh boy... this was so hard to do, and so mentally exhausting, I honestly feel very tired once I finished, both cutscenes have several problems, the CGI one had some horrible compression artifacts and all kinds of noise. The "in-game" one was actually made on a much lower resolution, (240p) but re-packed at 360p with the frames, so IA also had a hard time figuring some of the details that should be there, honestly it would have been way better if they put actual game play, instead of recording it at such low resolution. In any case it's finally done, after putting almost 4 moths of my life into this, I finished all the cutscenes in the best quality possible with today's technology available. Who knows maybe in the future I'll give them another try if AI gets even better, for now, I'll probably going to publish a video with all the cutscenes and no comparison shots in a couple of days and that's it. Btw and speaking of comparison shots, this video has only a few, I thought that considering that all the cutscenes and stuff were almost 9 minutes long people wouldn't stay longer to see a high bunch of shots after that, so only put there a few. If you like what I do here, please consider liking and subscribing as that helps a lot to grow the channel, furthermore if you want to support me consider sharing the video as much as you can or consider supporting me on Patreon. Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy the video! #TheLegendofDragoon #4K #AIRestored #MachineLearning #NeuralNetwork #PSX #PSONE #PS1 #Playstation #RemaketheLegendofDragoon #Upscaling


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