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Title:Important information for you. I greet you from..... Nudism. INF. Mila naturist.

Watch my full clothes off videos on Patreon: Watch my videos and chat with me on Only Hello everyone and welcome to my “Naturist's notes” project! With you Mila! And so, I greet you from... Yes, I greet you from Montenegro! I moved here. I moved here to live and work on my project! I have big plans for Montenegro, because there are many nudist beaches, here is one of the largest nudist resorts in Europe "Ada Bojana". I want to report here, cover and show you! So to those who wrote to me a lot and asked: “Mila, where are you? How are you? What's happened?" I was just busy because the move was quite difficult. It was necessary to get to Moscow and fly to Montenegro by two planes. But I am grateful to those friends who met me here and helped me with the move! I'm waiting for your questions to me! I think there will be a lot of them now. I wish you all the very best! And as always, there are many videos waiting for you on my channels: naturist cuisine, videos from nature, from the beaches. Who wants to see much more, plunge into my life. And, of course, help me. Since it is very difficult to move to another country. I will be glad to see you on my Patreon and OnlyFans! You can also follow the links to my social networks. There I will also communicate with you! Well, see you in the next video. Who has not subscribed yet, subscribe to the channel. Like me and write me your comments. Bye bye everyone! See full in this video: Important information for you. I greet you from..... Nudism. INF. Mila naturist. Watch other videos for you: 1. Naked yoga exercises. We collect the energy of life. Naturist. Nudist. INF. Mila naturist. 2. Mediation, naked yoga, by the river. ASMR. Meditation. Naturist. INF. Mila naturist. Blogger. #Mila #nudism #nudist #Naturistsnotes #Milanaturist #Mila #naturism #nude #nudist


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