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Title:Mark Knopfler - Watch Me Gone (One Deep River)

'Watch Me Gone' is the second track from Mark Knopfler’s new album, One Deep River, out now. There was a train leaving For a big beat in a big life Are you coming? I may have asked you once or twice But I’d already left the hallway With broken lights Some dingy landing We used to tumble from Where the stairs were cracked and worn, whatever Watch me go babe, watch me gone And the songs were pushing Harder all the time Wasn’t your fault Then again it wasn’t mine Broke, frustrated And obsessed You saw me as ridiculous, I guess And I didn’t know from nothing Not even my own voice But I knew there was something And I knew there was no choice I was leaving mostly heartache But I was in no mood to rejoice There was so much that was wrong, whatever Watch me go babe, watch me gone Watch me go babe, watch me gone Well maybe I’ll hit the road with Bob Or maybe hitch a ride with Van It’s all gonna happen And I’ll be a happening man And God must still be laughing At a boy and his plans In the streets where they were born And the hopscotch traces, well you can still see them here The chalk lines faded and unclear Time for me to disappear Put my old boots back on, whatever Watch me go babe, watch me gone Watch me go babe, watch me gone Watch me go babe, watch me gone Watch me go babe, watch me gone ‘One Deep River' - Album Credits Written by Mark Knopfler Published by Will D. Side/Universal Music Publishing Ltd Produced by Mark Knopfler and Guy Fletcher Engineered by Guy Fletcher at British Grove Studios, London Assisted by Luie Stylianou, Rowan McIntosh, Tom Coath, Eve Morris and Edie Delafield Guitar Tech, Glenn Saggers Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine Guitars, Vocals - Mark Knopfler Guitars - Richard Bennett Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Additional Guitars - Greg Leisz Synths, Keyboards - Guy Fletcher Piano, Keyboards - Jim Cox Electric and Upright Bass - Glenn Worf Drums - Ian ‘Ianto' Thomas Percussion - Danny Cummings Fiddle - John McCusker Wood Flute - Mike McGoldrick Backing Vocals - Emma Topolski, Tamsin Topolski Subscribe to stay up to date with all new releases on Mark Knopfler's channel here: Follow Mark's official social media channels: #markknopfler #onedeepriver #newalbum


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