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Title:Marriage Restored after Betrayal and Divorce

Young and in love eventually turned into heartache, betrayal and divorce. But a surprising turn of events brought Eric and Andrea back together, and they didn’t know marriage could be this good! We hope Eric and Andrea’s real-life, vulnerable story gives you hope for yours! There’s hope for your marriage and your life - even in the middle of heartbreak, mess and disappointment. Learn More: #divorce #divorcecare #healingafteraffair #betrayal #eugeneoregon #overflowhope #truelove #valentinesday2024 Follow on Instagram: @overflowhope Partial Transcript I'm Andrea and I'm Eric. Andrea and I met in high school, married very young. We were both 21. It was just very natural for us to be like, well, yeah, let's do life together. We have fun every day. But I think that kind of war, because you do life together and that means you're sick together and you are supposed to take care of each other till death do you part, which is like, it's just not realistic. And so things started to wear and tear. I think we just got no real examples of how you do this. Both of our parents were divorced, lots of infidelity, lots of things we saw that we just were like, that's just what happens when you're married. We did everything everyone else was doing, buy a house, have a kid, have careers, money, all the vacations, do all the things, Facebook, boom, we are the coolest always. And then life just happens and you see those people kind of crash and we were definitely that crash for sure. We were really starting to become more of roommates than husband and wife. I took a traveling job. That's the pivotal moment of kind of when things fell apart. We're in the money world. So yes, this job is great. It's like all the things, you know, courtside seats at basketball games and all the things that come with traveling in different cities. It was exciting for me. It was like that honeymoon phase when we did reconnect. And then second year round, like bitterness, resentment, like, oh, you're courtside at a basketball game where our son puked 15 times in the bedroom and I had to work the next, you know, it's like all the, like the real life stuff, like all the things he's missing, like parenting, single, and I care about my career and my life. So I'm like a very, you know, narcissistic, like it's about me married to a narcissistic. It's about me. And now we are like collision course, like. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Eric is turning. He's getting ready longer than me now, like there's watches to match, like every outfit and shoes. I feel like I'm in reality TV. Finally, it just blows up and we're in a car across the street from our house. And I'm just like, you have to tell me what the heck is going on? And he just told me. You know, I'm having an affair. The husband is like really mad and dadada da. And it just demolished everything. And that's when, you know, I had to talk the boys and tell them you know what had happened and what is going to happen and I moved out and got my own little apartment which was terrible. Just being apart from my family just it really started to put things in perspective a little bit but not enough for me to stop what I was doing and and come back. I went to divorce care and that like changed everything for me. One of the nurses I worked with told me about because she just knew what I was going through and I'm like okay because the Christian thing I'm like okay I can do it. I made Casey come with me and we went and I had to sign a little thing that I would go to three classes before I quit and then I couldn't date anyone while I was going through the class and it was like this precious little contract okay. Everyone is miserable. Everyone hates their life. Everyone's crying. I mean snot's coming down everyone's face just like me. There's 15,000 cleaners. nexus in everyone's pocket you know these are my people we're talking the same language but there is Jesus Christ in everything and thank you Jesus that you make me sign the three because I literally would have bounced the first one like oh I can't do this much Jesus I mean I just want to be around these people but maybe they have something that's like not this you know me and Eric get in this humongous fight and it's like you know hang up you know mid-sentence slam and I just lose my mind cry you know like where you just fall on the freaking ground and you sup sup cry and you can't breathe and the stupid divorce care book was just like right there and it's like every chapter at the very end it makes you like say the Lord's prayer you know like I give my life to you Jesus and I give everything that I did I just said the prayer like read it word for word and I just said Jesus...


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