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Title:The Adam & Wack Show #36 with Celina Powell

The return of Celina Powell! ----- 0:00 Intro 0:00 Wack calls Celina the new Cat Stacks and Celina talks about hooking up with AB. Wack gets mad Celina won’t expose who she’s been with last. 4:15 Wack breaks down the history of how he met Celina Powell. Seeing her on tour with The Game and Blueface, and being one of the original exposers. 6:20 Celina says The Game was going to pack her out during a studio session and leaking his number. Hooking up with Akademiks recently when she did his podcast 10:00 Celina says that Akademiks is soft and cuddly in person. Celina says her and Akademiks have cried together. 13:22 Wack talks about getting it on in a Victoria Secret changing room. Hooking up in random restrooms and janitors closets. 15:45 Adam says his and Celina’s scene was only 10 minutes on Plug Talk. 17:15 Wack asks Celina what her body count is. Celina says she doesn't know her body count, exposing Waka Flocka and keeping XXXTENACION away from her. 20:45 Wack asks Celina if any rappers she already exposed ever went back to her. Wack explains his problem with Lil Meech crying. 25:00 Celina says her “h*e persona” is a character she plays online. Adam says Celina is a legend among the adult stars. Wack100 says Celina needs to make a single. Adam talks about his “no list” when he films scenes. 29:00 Celina asks Adam if he would let Wack100 hook up with Lena. Wack shows pictures of him laying with a girl. 33:00 P Nice walks into the show and shoots his shot at Celina. Celina claims rappers wanted to be exposed by her. Breaking up Cardi B and Offset. Wack says Offset never hooked up with her. 36:40 Wack asks Celina if she has an onlyfans and Eliza sending Adam nudes 41:00 Celina asks Adam about his Hair Tr**splant. Celina says she wants to do a Vlad interview. 44:10 Celina Powell says she’s on Diddy’s side during this controversy 47:00 Celina explains how she gets into all the shows through the DJ and entourage. Adam talks about getting jumped by Russ’ goons while getting his nails done. 53:00 Celina said that Chy Glizzy told her that Akademiks backdoor is broken and wanted Meek Mill to end him. Celina talks about interacting with Lil Boom and why she stopped talking to Ak 59:20 Celina says she misses AB and says she would have hooked up with OJ Simpsons to get the truth ----- Get the latest news & videos CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! NO JUMPER PATREON CHECK OUT OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST Follow us on SNAPCHAT Follow us on SPOTIFY: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD: Follow Adam22: adam22hoe on Snapchat


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