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Title:BRITISH vs AMERICAN ENGLISH - Accent & Vocabulary Comparison!

British English vs American English vocabulary and accent! Boost your vocabulary with our course: Watch Marina’s video to find out more differences: 📊 *FIND OUT YOUR ENGLISH LEVEL!* _Take my level test here_ 👉🏼 👩🏼‍🏫 *JOIN MY ONLINE ENGLISH COURSES:* - _We have launched our B1 and B2 Complete English Programmes!_ 🌐 *VISIT MY WEBSITE* for an _interactive pronunciation tool_ and _more free lessons:_ 🗣 *ENGLISH SPEAKING PRACTICE* _Are you looking for private language lessons?_ Find your perfect 1-on-1 language tutor with *LanguaTalk!* Make sure they are right for you with a free trial class here 👉🏼 (Ad - affiliate) I've been learning Italian on LanguaTalk and have been _blown away_ so far! I am so excited about this new platform! So much so, I decided to become a part of it! 🇬🇧 *LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH CONFIDENTLY AND FLUENTLY* _Join my 3-month Beautiful British English Programmes!_ Use code *YOUTUBE15* for a 15% discount: Join B1 (Lower-Intermediate) Level here 👉🏼 Join B2 (Upper-Intermediate) Level here 👉🏼 Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 1:43 New Course Announcement 2:30 Words that have different meanings 2:45 Rubber 3:21 Are you alright? 3:54 Public schools 4:36 Chips/ Crisps 5:00 Quiz ‘How would you name it?’ 5:10 Aubergine/ Eggplant 5:45 Torch/ Flashlight 6:06 Trolley/ Cart 7:01 Fringe/ Bangs 7:40 APPLE 8:02 Biscuit/ Cookie 8:40 Autumn/ Fall 9:25 Pavement/ Sidewalk 9:41 Cooker/ Oven 11:21 Fancy/ Posh 12:17 Now leasing, For rent/ To let 12:56 Restroom, Bathroom/ Toilet, Lavatory, Lav 13:53 Do you wanna grab some coffee?/ Do you fancy a cuppa? 14:22 Rubbish/ Garbage 15:30 Bob’s your uncle 17:17 OUTRO 👥 *MY SOCIAL MEDIA:* Personal/Vlogging Channel:​​​ Instagram: @englishwithlucy TikTok: @english_with_lucy Email for business enquiries ONLY: #learnenglish #english #grammar


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