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Title:AI Videos with Face Swapping, Voice Cloning, and Lipsync

In this deep dive into the world of creative AI, we explore various tools and techniques to create animated videos. The process involves using “Fooocus” to create base images, 'Comfy UI' and 'Stable Diffusion Video' to animate these images, and 'Face Fusion' to swap faces within the images to add more detail and specificity. Once we've created detailed animations, we add voice to our video using Eleven Lab's speech-to-speech feature. Then, we create a corresponding lip movement animation. Note that this is not designed to be a strict tutorial but rather a walkthrough of how these tools can be used in a creative process. Note, this is also not an installation tutorial for these solutions. All of these solutions can be downloaded via the Pinokio interface: Realistic Vision 2.0 Model: Previous Image to Video Workflow for ComfyUI: Be sure to use these tools responsibly and be cognizant of subscription fees where applicable. 00:00 Introduction to Creative AI 00:42 Exploring AI Tools and Techniques 02:49 Creating Base Images with Fooocus 06:40 Animating Images with Comfy UI 11:05 Face Swapping with Face Fusion 15:58 Adding Voice with Eleven Labs 18:18 Animating Lip Movement with Wave2Lip Studio 20:32 Final Thoughts and Conclusion 👍 LIKE If you found this video valuable. 🙂 🥰 SHARE If you know someone who might enjoy this video. ⏬ DOWNLOAD or ADD This video to your PLAYLIST for easy access later. 💬 COMMENT Your thoughts and questions are welcome! 🧠 LEARN - AI Jumpstart - Discover the Game-Changing Power of AI on December 2, 2023 📝 SUBSCRIBE That's what keeps me going! 🔔 ​​And make sure to hit the NOTIFICATION BELL to stay updated! 🔔 🌎EXPLORE 🎁 GET FREE GIFT - CASE STUDY Discover What Content Commando Can Train Your Team To Do! 📔 ABOUT BOB DOYLE We live in a freaking crazy time, don’t we? Artificial Intelligence has exploded into the mainstream, and reactions are varied, to say the least. But for me? I’m all on board! As a creative, today’s technology allows me to take the skillsets I’ve acquired over a lifetime and use them like never before. Instead of feeling threatened by how rapidly seems to be taking of people’s jobs, I see the technology as a way to foster creativity in far more people than are currently tapping into their creative potential. I believe we are here as humans to create. And for me, it’s not an option. If I’m not creating something, I’m dying inside. So Bob Doyle Media is a showcase of my various outlets of creativity, and you’ll see that AI plays a big role in it. From virtual photoshoots and art and animation creation, all the way to voice cloning and face replacement… I play with all of it, and this is where I share it. If you’d like to work together, please reach out. I’d love to connect and talk about how I can contribute to your project. 🗓️ MY HISTORY 🧠 🤫 Featured Law Of Attraction and Neuroplasticity expert in the book and film, “The Secret”. 🎙️ Voice Over Artist 30+ years 📻 Broadcaster / Actor / Creative ❓ASK ME Got a Question? 📌 FOLLOW ME Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: 🪙SUPPORT If you want to support me, the best thing to do is to share the content… sharing is caring! If you want to support me financially (completely optional and voluntary, but a lot of people have asked for this): Learn more from Bob Doyle Media:


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