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Title:BTS Not Letting Jeon Bam & Yeontan Breathe

BTS In The Soop season 2 premiered recently, and Jungkook had the chance to show off his brand new puppy to ARMYs around the world in the first episode. Fans have been attracted to Bam's cuteness since he first appeared. The Doberman is a very active hunting dog known for its aggressive appearance. However, in reality, Bam is extremely sweet and lovely with Jungkook and BTS. After playing and talking cutely with Bam, Jungkook taught Bam how to use the toilet and sleep in the right place, brush Bam's teeth, go for a walk with Bam, and even panicked like everyone else when he saw Bam accidentally going to the bathroom in the middle of the house is not a pleasant experience. Although he is Jungkook's pet dog, Bam is speedy to befriend the members, interacts happily with them, and wags his tail happily when they are petted. And Yeontan is Taehyung's pet dog. Yeontan appears to be small and cute on the outside, but he is brilliant and agile. Taehyung spoils Yeontan a lot, buys him lots of toys, and takes good care of him. Yeontan is also very loved by BTS. #bts #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団 #2022 #bam #dog #jungkook #yeotan #btsv About: Hi ARMYs, this is KPOP VGK! In this channel, we synthesize funny, entertaining edits and convey positive messages to viewers. Hoping that our videos will make you smile and relieve stress while watching them. We welcome you guys here, and let BTS make you feel better with KPOP VGK 💜 ►► Subscribe for more KPOP VGK: ►► See our latest videos: Credits: HYBE LABELS: BANGTANTV: 디스패치 / Dispatch: Bantan subs: VLIVE: Big Hit Entertainment Big Hit Music IN THE SOOP 2 ►Disclaimer: This video was fully edited by the team at KPOP VGK. For copyright matters please contact us at:


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