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Title:Bosna i Hercegovina | 10 najljepših mjesta (LISTA)

Are you interested to discover some of the most beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina? In this video, I bring you my 10 favorite places in the whole country, which I heartily recommend you to visit. ► SUBSCRIBE to my channel: ► FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Bosnia and Herzegovina is my homeland and a place that I love with all my heart, and to be honest, it was not easy to make this list, because each of the places in the country has something special to offer. But, I had to decided on something so in the end I decided on these 10 places, because I believe that in each of them, something special and different can be experienced. Discover the hidden beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina an enjoy discovering my amazing country. Starting from Jajce, which for me is the most interesting small town in the whole country, then heading to Iapodian islands, the mysterious Tito bunker in Konjic, Banja Luka and Sarajevo, as the two largest cities in the whole country, and the beautiful Lake Prokoško, you will see that each place is special on it's own way. Later, go to Trebinje, the city that left me the biggest impression of all the cities I visited. I you decide to visit some nature sight, go to Strbacki buk, or Sutjeska National Park where I think I could be for days and where there really is so much to do, starting with the Perucica rainforest, one of the best preserved rainforests in Europe, the canyon of Tara, Zelengora, our highest mountain Maglic and beautiful plaing of Prijevor. But do you know what my favorite place in Bosnia and Herzegovina is? Well, you will have to discover it in the video. The video contains shots of 10 locations from the video, as well as 4K aerial shots with a drone of individual places. Yes, Bosnia and Herzegovina is my homeland, so I am a bit subjective when I talk about it, but I honestly think that our country is truly unique and that it offers every traveler something completely new. If you want, you can immediately navigate to the place you want. 00: 00-00: 38 Introduction to the video 00: 38-01: 27 Jajce 01: 27-02: 05 The Iapodian Islands 02: 05-03: 15 Tito's bunker in Konjic 03: 15-04: 04 Sarajevo and Banja Luka 04: 04-04: 50 Prokosko Lake 04: 50-05: 58 Trebinje 05: 58-06: 53 Mountains in BiH 06: 53-07: 53 Strbacki buk 07: 53-09: 35 Sutjeska National Park 09: 44-11: 51 Wild horses in Livno 11: 51-12: 19 Closing remarks Many thanks to Dzenad Dzini who allowed me to use his staff of Hajducka vrata, as well as Benjamin Muric for the staff of Strbacki buk. You can see their profiles at the links below. Dženad Džino - Benjamin Muric -


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