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Title:Mecanum Wheel Robot Car & ESP-NOW Remote

Build a Mecanum Wheel Robot and control it with a remote joystick and display using a couple of ESP32 boards. Article with code: More articles and tutorials: Join the conversation on the forum: Subscribe to the newsletter and stay in touch: Lilygo TTGO Display info on Volos Projects - Today, we will be working with Mecanum Wheels. These unique wheels allow a vehicle to be propelled in any direction. Our design will use the ESP32 and will be complemented by an ESP32-based remote control that features a Joystick, a TFT color display, and a rechargeable battery. The car even has some large NeoPixel LEDs, so you can see what direction the Mecanum wheels are moving, so it’s both an educational and fun “toy.” And the design can be expanded to include other components and sensors. The remote control is based on a Lilygo TTGO T-Display module. This ESP32 module has an integrated TFT display, as well as a couple of switches and a connector for a LiPo battery (which can be recharged from the module). The car and remote communicate via ESP-NOW protocol. This arrangement allows information to be sent in both directions, so we can display some critical parameters from the car on the display of the remote control. The design is very easy to upgrade, so you can add more sensors to your car or more functions to the remote. Of course, before we build the robot, we will need to learn a bit about Mecanum Wheels. So we’ll start by doing a few experiments to see how to code for them. Then we will move on to the NeoPixels, bright, colorful addressable RGB LEDs. The design uses five of them, yet as these are addressable LEDs, they only consume one GPIO pin on the ESP32. Moving on to the remote, we will learn about the features of the Lilygo TTGO T-Display. After that, wiring it up is a simple thing. Here is the table of contents for today's video: 00:00 - Introduction 02:29 - Mecanum Wheels 06:17 - Testing Mecanum Wheels 25:15 - Neopixels 36:21 - Robot Construction 43:19 - Controller Construction 53:15 - Get MAC Address 55:47 - Robot Sketch 1:07:34 - Controller Sketch 1:20:27 - Robot Demo 1:24:13 - Conclusion If you want to know more about ESP-NOW, you should check out the video I did on it - And for more info regarding the TTGO T-Display, you should definitely check out Volos Projects - Hope that you enjoy the video! Bill


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