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Title:The Last Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolin Heritage the Documentary)

The Shaolin Heritage documentary is the results of my research trip to the town of Dengfeng, just outside the Shaolin Temple in Henan province. I traveled there is the summer of 2019 to explore the folk styles of Kung Fu practiced in the villages in the mountains surrounding the temple. While the Shaolin Temple has been burnt down several times in history, the villages and the town of Dengfeng have maintained a mostly uninterrupted transmission of traditional martial arts. This documentary is the first in a series of documentaries which will explore the questions of: what actually is Shaolin Kung Fu, what is its influence on Chinese martial arts in general, and where did it really come from? Video & Audio composition by Joël Achermann from the Shaolin Xinyiba Research Society. Visit his and his teacher's, Hu Zhengsheng's channel here: Tomas' Shaolin Temple Lithuania Channel: Real Shaolin Legacy Documentary: Join this channel to get access to lots of extra footage: or: To learn more visit Check out my merchandise Learn Kung Fu from me References/Further Reading: Shaolin Monastery: History, Religion, Martial Arts Chinese Martial Arts: From Antiquity to 21st Century The Boxer Uprising Music Used: Title: Etherial Choir Ascends Composer: Doug Maxwell Media Rights Productions Acoustix Audio - Over The Horizon (No Copyright Music) Music provided by Tunetank. Free Download: Video Link: Title: Asian Travel Style: World / Chinese music Composer: Hicham Chahidi More royalty free Chinese music: Official Page: Video Clip:


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