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Title:The Mysterious Market of Magic: A Magical Sleep Story for Grown Ups

The Market of Magic - Enter a world of enchantment in this magical sleep story fro grown ups. Our story begins with a mysterious letter delivered by a white raven. You are the main character on this journey, whether as a wizard or witch. So, let yourself be enchanted by this little tale and allow your imagination to run free. If you would like to hear a second part of the story, please let me know. And now I wish you a good rest and a great sleep... 😴 In this Sleepstory, a white raven comes knocking at your window, holding a parchment envelope in its beak with a seal from a powerful magical school. As you open the envelope, a list of necessary supplies for a beginner wizard and a bag of golden coins materialize in your hand. With a magical power emanating from the bag, you imagine yourself in a small secret market in an ancient city. There, you find vendors selling unusual items, such as bubbling potions and cauldrons emitting fragrant scents. Amidst the vendors and customers, you see a magnificent white horse with wings like a Pegasus. Finally, you arrive at a marketplace where an old bearded man sells the best wands in the world, impressing everyone with his stunning magic displays. Let your imagination run wild as you immerse yourself in this mystical world of magic and wonder. And yes, perhaps this sleep story was a bit inspired by Harry Potter ; ) #sleepstory #sleep #narration #harrypotter #magicstories CHAPTERS: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:23 - Relaxation 00:04:29 - Sleep Story 00:32:30 - Rain Sounds If you wish to support the channel you can do this by becoming a patron for $5 per month. Thank you in advance and here's the link: Website: Sleep Story Playlist: Subscribe: Magical Mysterious Market Sleep Story. – Original Story Script, Narration, Music and Sound Design by Stephen Dalton – All rights are reserved to the Stephen Dalton Meditation & Sleep Channel (2023)


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