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Title:Top 8 Ross's Worst Dates | Central Perk | Friends

This is a ranking of Ros's worst dates. All of them are shown in the best traditions of “Friends”. Even the most fucked up situations Ross and his friends perceive with humor and self-irony. Top 10 Phoebe's Wortst Dates - Top 8 Monica's Worst Dates - Top 10 Chandler's Worst Dates - Top 8 Joey's Worst Dates - Top 7 Rachel's Wost Dates - The rank of Ross's Worst Dates 8th place. Ross on the blind date. Phoebe and Joey set Ross up on a blind date that they didn't invite a girl to. They wanted Ross to understand that he and Rachel were meant to be together. This terrible date was supposed to help their plan. 7th place. Ross and Joey’s sexy story Ross hasn't had sex in over 6 months. Joey suggested that he tell the girl a romantic story about "hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo". He convinced his friend that this would definitely help Ross end his "dry spell".  6th place. Ross is in a relationship with Janice.  Ross hooked up with Janice over common situations: he divorced Emily, Janice was after the divorce too.  But Ross complained about life so much and often that he began to annoy Janice and she offered to еnded their relationship. 5th place. Ross wears Rachel’s shirt. Rachel helped Ross choose clothes for his date. He allowed her to buy what she thought suited him. Unfortunately, the shopping bags were mixed up. Ross thought that his bag contained stylish clothes. As it turned out, the girl came in the same shirt as Ross. 4th place. Ross tries to talk dirty.  Ross dated a woman who was aroused by dirty talk. Ross had to practice to keep up the conversation. 3rd place. Ross and Joey are dating the same girl. Joey started dating a new neighbor. At the same time, Ross also began dating a girl. Turns out it was the same girl - Kristen Leig. Not surprisingly, their common date ended unsuccessfully.  2nd place. Ross and a messy date. Ross met a very attractive girl. On one of the dates, she invited him to come in. In the apartment, Ross saw mountains of garbage everywhere. He decided to come to terms with the small flaw of his messy girlfriend. 1st place. Ross had to introduce his girlfriend Mona to Rachel's Father. Ross was having a good time with Mona in his apartment. But suddenly Rachel's father bothered them and dramatically changed the situation. 00:00 - Intro 00:08 - Ross's blind Date. 02:08 - Ross's Date with backpack across Western Europe. 06:19 - Ross's Date with Janice. 08:36 - Ross's Date in Rachel Shirt. 13:17 - Ross's Date with dirty talk. 13:50 - Ross's Date with Joey's girl. 18:43 - Ross's Date with a messy girl. 23:08 - Ross's Date with Mona and Rachel's Father. #Ross'women #RossandMona #RossandJanice #Ross’backpackingstory #KenAdams’story


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