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Title:Master Chinese "zh ch sh r" | Pronunciation Training

Master Chinese "zh ch sh r" | Pronunciation Training There are many students who’re learning Chinese struggling with how to pronounce these “zh ch sh r” consonants (Chinese initials). when I was learning English, I was that person who's struggling with the pronunciation as well. After I went to college and studied linguistics, I figured out how amazing it is to know how these consonants and vowels works! Knowing that I can consciously train my mouth to get used to different ways to pronounce different sounds really opened a door for me, so I hope that I can use simple way to share my linguistic knowledge (the IPA of these sounds, how to put your lips and tongue etc.), explain it to you and help you improve your pronunciation! The timecode of four initials (consonants): 01:08 (1) sh ㄕ (IPA, tongue position) 02:24 (2) zh ㄓ (IPA, tongue position) 03:40 (3) ch ㄔ (IPA, tongue position) 04:58 (4) r ㄖ (IPA, tongue position) 📝 The handout of this lesson: • LEARN CHINESE WITH ME ↯ ﹝Basic Chinese | Mandarin for beginners﹞ → Asking Questions in Mandarin Chinese: → How to Ask About Prices and Count Number 0-99: ﹝Chinese Grammar﹞ → Breaking down sentence structures in Mandarin: → How to Express Tenses in Mandarin Chinese: ﹝Transitions in Mandarin﹞ ﹝Chinese Expressions﹞ → Polite Expressions in Daily Conversation: → 5 Often Used Sentence Patterns: 🔆 PROMOS • Skritter - An app for helping you learn Chinese characters (Using the code "GRACEMANDARINCHINESE" to get 10% off): • If you’d like to learn Chinese in a more structured way, click this link - - and use the promo code “LETSGOYOYO” to get 10% off of full access to Yoyo Chinese’s easy-to-follow courses! 🎈 Check out my friend's cartoons Yin + Yangster at 📩 Contact me:


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