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Title:Street Running Military Train, Army Tanks, 4 Locomotives W/ 2 DPUs, 2+ Mile Long Train In The Street

Street Running Train With Military Tanks, Oversize Load Flat Cars And Over 2 Miles Long! This Street Runner Train Has 4 Locomotives With 2 DPU Locomotives Mid Train! This train with army tanks is in LaGrange, Kentucky on the CSX Short Line from Louisville, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio. This was the first train of the day since a 4 car local switching train went through at about 10:40am. This giant street running freight train came by at 5:34pm. This is a repost to keep my channel active while I am in Florida and since the original post was before I had a lot of subscribers. I also filmed it going through Walton, Kentucky at 2:32pm. The town clock in this video is one hour slow. Walton is at Mile Post 89 and LaGrange is at Mile Post 27. I filmed it passing Walton southbound and while filming it there, a train passed by northbound on the Norfolk Southern line. That video is going to be awesome so don't miss it! I was standing in a parking lot between the CSX and NS lines in Walton and filmed both trains. After that I drove to LaGrange and waited for the train so I could film the 575 a second time. After the train passed LaGrange I heard train 574 waiting in the clear to come through northbound. So I decided to stick around and film that train also, however, 574 developed a mechanical issue with the locomotives. I listened to the dispatcher asking them questions and trying to figure out what to do to get the train rolling again. Another employee drove out and they got on the DPU and were having trouble getting the air pressure up. I saw the train pull up a short distance and stop next to a crossing. A few hours later the first part of that train came through LaGrange but I was on the way home with a very long drive and don't know what they finally did. The best frequencies for this line are the old L&N frequencies of 161.370 and 161.310. The EOT frequency of 452.9375 is good as long as you aren't near Louisville or any other areas where trains could be parked or switching. While I was in LaGrange I stopped at The Red Pepper Deli and got a couple of BBQ sandwiches and Mountain Dew. That was excellent and right next to the tracks. They put my sandwiches in styrofoam containers since I was going to eat outside and not take a chance on missing the train. One box had my name on it and the other said " Jail " on it. Not sure why. They were very good and I gave them a tip with Abraham Lincoln on it. In the intro to this video I drove down the street running section to show what it looks like. I sped the film up to 1.5 and also notice at the end of the street you can see a clear signal for a northbound train. That was for train 574 that broke down just a few miles south of town and I never got to film it due to it coming through in the dark. Obviously, that part of this video was filmed after the military train street runner had passed. I did that because I didn't know for sure if I would even get to see a train at all here. I knew 575 was coming but what if they stopped at Worthville, Ky and didn't get here until dark? LaGrange doesn't get the volume of trains that it use to get. Precision Scheduled Railroading ( PSR ) and rerouting have dropped the amount of trains here down to only about 7 or 8 every 24 hours and in the winter most of those are in the dark. Filmed Wednesday, March 23, 2022 Thanks for watching! If you have time, please watch another video of mine to help keep my channel going. Every view helps support my channel. **Weirdest Exempt Railroad Crossing Ever!** Awesome video of Loaded Coal Train going over old Trestle In Snow! Must See!! 2 Locomotives Pulling, 2 Locomotives Pushing 150 Gondola Cars In Snow! Check out my steam train playlist for some really cool videos including the Big Boy! I also have other railroad videos of all types including short lines, street runners and cabooses in action. Train Passes Through Crowded Neighborhood! Female Engineer On Street Running Train! Closest House In America To A Railroad Line! Stung By Hornets For Playing Electric Guitar Under Nest!! Man Carries Bike Across Moving Train! Most Dangerous Railroad Employee Action Ever!! Jerk Flips Off Railfan! Stupid Railfans Way Too Close To Fast Train! Street Running Steam Train! Ohio South Central Railroad Chase!


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